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Found 61 results

  1. Is there a reason i can only do 37mph o the motorway?
  2. Why I can only go at 90 km/h when I'm in Europe 2 server ? There isn't any limit. Or it's just my shitty Reno ?
  3. GotchaNexus


    I was driving along at 110km/h then i went for gas. Started driving and was stuck on 33km/h and below.
  4. rolypolyman

    Speed limits

    I searched the forums and can't find anything about this. I've been driving with "Truck speed limiter" on, which limits me to 90 km/h. If I uncheck this setting, how fast can I go and still be legal on EU#1? I see trucks going 100-110 km/h all the time. Is there a danger of getting banned for speed hacking if I uncheck this? And what's the point of speed hacking if turning the limiter off allows me to exceed 90? I guess I'm pretty confused about what's allowed here.
  5. Piccinator

    EU2 Server Bug?

    Hello, I play on the #EU2 Server, and since yesterday I have a problem. I can only drive 90km/h and the traffic lights are not on. Why? ~Sry for the bad english~
  6. Dear ETS MP team, since the update we play, "my company" and "me" no longer ETS Online. Since the update is here, and you can go over 130 kmh. I think is also the last Reale ETS MP gone. Everyone drives like rambo. I want the old one back so it fit on 90kmh speed limit. Please patching the speed limit back on # EU1. All right, you can 150 kmh on #US1 or #EU2 run ((But #EU1 should remain real)). Thank You
  7. Hello Guys, Before upgrading 1:15 I played normal and could take the speed limit allowing me to go to more than 90 / k / h without Mods. Today I've tried several ways and my truck is only 90 kl / h I've tried the Multi mode and single and do not pass this speed, someone tell if it is no longer possible to go faster than that? PS. I've taken in options the speed limit option and yet I can not go faster than 90 / kl / h
  8. I'm currently downloading the MP patch so I can finish off my Xmas gifts at a speed of 100Kb/s which is just plain ridiculous. 25 minutes to download 175MB of data, I have 40MB/s download speed and could have downloaded 10 HD movies in this time. In fact I'm uploading 4 times as fast as I downloading. Please fix this.
  9. Hey, its been a long time since i've played ETS2 Multiplayer, but i remember back in the day when i played, i could turn off a setting named "Speed limiter" or something like that, and then i could drive in like 180km/t, but now my max speed is only 90km/t even when my speedlimiter is set to off? Is this just me or did they remove it so people won't drive around in 180km/t like assholes? Thanks for answers
  10. Hello everyone! I wanna ask if you please can remove the speed limiter. It's boring driving 90km/h for such a long distance. It just takes so long. Most of the time im driving on liveless highways, where I wouldn't damage anyone. Or you have to ask admins to get the limiter away on you. Thanks for reading. (I assume 100% will say "no")
  11. Hi, Since the new update to the multiplayer mod I have not been able to make my truck go any faster than 55MPH. Speed Limiter is OFF and I have changed no settings. I've tried reinstalling the game but to no resolution. Thanks in advance, Jazzy.
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