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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday, have a nice day!  ❤️

  3. Have you tried to reinstall TMP? Have you changed firewall settings lately? seems the app doesn't have permissions. Are you running it as admin?
  4. Good morning! 


    1. Can_T.
    2. [MCG] Kien Giang

      [MCG] Kien Giang

      good morning and have a nice day :wub:

  5. ok, a fix that worked was doing an emergency assist - F7
  6. Hi all Did a search but could not find a similar problem. It seems that in MP i am not getting tired anymore? have played 5hours RL time now and about 2-3 in game days and my timer for next rest stop is staying at 11hours....no need to sleep. Problem with this is you need to sleep to get AI income....
  7. Hi, are you saying steam is causing lag for you? What is your PC specs?
  8. Correct yes, ATS even in MP applies a % reduction for repairs...it does ease the cash flow when someone rams you or tips you. @NeonLeon no not the bank, its actual insurance in ATS when you do repairs I know this is SCS core game feature but thought maybe someone on here would know. @[WTLVTC] ismail [TR] thanks yes I believe my question has been answered
  9. Thank you very much and will check if the limit was there for WOT contracts...maybe this is it And this is on EU2 for members that asked
  10. oh awesomeness! I chose a great time to get back into ETS2 & ATS. Please please please can some form of free writing be implemented for the trailers and trucks? This will really be helpful for MP where VTC's can customize their trucks&trailers just that little more with their name on the side etc.
  11. So i found this thread but it was locked : I wish to know a bit more about the speed limited. Same road, same truck, with or without cargo: 1. Sometimes i can only go 90km/h mark 2. sometimes i have hit the 150km/h mark sometimes I am limited at 90 and trucks come flying past me as I am sure they are hitting the 150km/h mark. is the limiter really that inconsistent?
  12. seems a restart fixed the issues. The drivers logs shows income again Edit on request: i discovered that if you sleep (which i rarely do for MP) you actually get the AI income. I just slept in a very long haul and got about 20k and 10 message of income from my 2 drivers.
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