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  1. Hello! I keep getting this error, "connection refused someone is already playing with that SteamID"
    I have tried to change my steam ID Steam > Profile > Edit Profile > Custom URL > Insert a custom URL. 

    I have Deauthorize all other devices usign Steam Guard

    I am on ETS2 Game Verson  (64bit)

    I have deleted and made a new Profile for TruckersMP.

    Family View is currently: Disabled.

    I have run Ccleaner after closing down TMP and ETS2

    I have run a virus scan ESET Internet Security Version 1 all clear

    Windows 10 Pro 64bit Version 


    1. Nody


      Heya! Please create a support ticket on our website, or you can make a post in our support section on our forums, as that's the right place for you to get the solution to it.

  2. hei cf joc vrei hai 8pm  ceva !!

  3. Thank you for the follow ?

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