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  1. Suggestion Name: Take off the speed limiter Suggestion Description: Limit in cities: 60 km/h, any roads with job: 90 km/h. These limits are too low. Any example images: - Why should it be added?: With the promods, the map is too large. We know that this is a simulator, but not all players have time to make a longer, at least 3-4 days job in the game. For example: From Bolungarvík to Akaba, the map says about 8000 km. With 90km/h in "game time" means 89 hours, in real time: 11-12 hours.
  2. Blaise_Hun

    Rule Update

    So if I use nodamage mod (Avgerho made one, and he asked admins to allow to use), that saves me always when someone troll, I can get permanent ban?
  3. Okay, but admins shouldnt kick the players when players use car or truck without trailer. Just teleport them to service, but dont kick!
  4. Okay, but it can be a "neutral report feedback" that means "okay, player already banned, evidence added, but no points given for u", because you see the dates when we reported somebody, and the other date, when the driver banned. I've got -4 points, for example: I reported somebody on 31th of July, and 2 days later he got the ban by other report.
  5. It will be very interesting, when kids who can't drive normally, take the double trailers, and go to C-D road. U have to use 10/10 reports
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