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  1. Suggestion Name: Speed Limit. Change the rules about it. Suggestion Description: Remove the speed limit to experimented players at the game (with more than 100/200/300 hours of playing the game [at administrators choose]) and when they cause an accident put the speed limit to them to 90km/h in all servers (excepting Freeroam) by the double of the time of the ban lapse. Any example images: No Why should it be added?: The arguments that "this is not a racing game, is a truck simulator" are bad. Because in the real life you can go with a truck faster than 150km/h. It's not the common thing that truck drivers do but they can. And if you wan't to stop the many crashes that causes the higher speeds let only the experimented drivers do that. If you want to measure the "experience" by other kind of thing than hours played be free of explain you how you will do it.
  2. I not accord with the speed limiter out of the city. The speed at the ways out of the city i think that it need to be free and not limited. The 150km/h speed limiter it only stay might on the servers without cars.
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