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  1. I don't know, sorry. I though maybe it was.
  2. Acting this way will not help you. If anything, it will make the mods and admins not want to help you. If you have an unsolvable problem on forums, try the Support area.
  3. -This problem has shown with many people. It may be a bug. If you wait until the next update you can see if it is fixed. I apologize for the inconveniences this has caused you.
  4. -I apologize, I don't know what to tell you.
  5. -Be more specific. When you log in are you getting a message telling you your password and/or username are incorrect? Or does nothing happen, but rather you are reverted back to the log-in screen?
  6. -Please make sure you are being totally respectful in your requests and be specific in what you need help for. -If you have no luck within the forum area, seek help from the Support area, they are very helpful and reliable.
  7. I ran a red light (I didn't realize there was any lights at this intersection and it was right in front of and ADMIN) but I was banned for it, is that usual...cause that seems a bit harsh especially when I caused no harm (was in the middle of deserted Birmingham). Soz won't happen again.
  8. Alec


    I was just looking at my penalty history, where I see that I was banned in September 2014, which is true, but there is a new history there saying I was banned on 16-December 2014 for "ramming", no information given on how long the ban was. This was added within the last week, so it went on record far after the date the ban was claimed to be issued. But, I know for a fact I was not banned twice, just once in September. The fact that you would document a ban for something that never happened is extremely disappointing and sad. I may have been kicked in this situation, but not banned. Like I said, there was no info's on the length of the ban, and the documentation was added after Christmas (the claimed date that the ban was issued on was before Christmas; ei. This may have been a misreading of the kick/ban files). So, I would appreciate it if you removed this document, and if you can't for some reason then make it possible in the future, or at least keep track of whether penalties are bans or kicks.
  9. I appreciate your hard work, but crashes have not been fixed.
  10. Thanks for your help :-)
  11. Hi, I'm trying to report, but every time I attempt to attach the picture, it says it's too big? Cheers, Alec
  12. Alec


    Thank you :-)
  13. Alec


    Hi, it's Alec here. Just some feedback on R2. Game crashes aprox. 5-6 times per minute. I don't think the patch worked for me. Cheers :-)
  14. Hi, so the player earliest in the video (103) was sliding all over the road and lagging oddly. I'm wondering if this is just high ping or if he was using a speed hack. He was going significantly faster too. A few seconds later a huge crash happened for some reason, and of course, I was hit pretty badly. Could you guys possibly discipline these bad drivers? Cheers, Alec
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