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  1. They just trying to get bigger number of written posts. I said from the 1st topic what's the problem and what I've tried.. Their comments are just not on place,just like your.
  2. I tried the stance's which are in the game,but it just skipping it
  3. Lol guys.. I f*king know this.. are u reading what I've typed? ... I want answer from experienced user ,not from users who posting just to increase their post number,thanks.
  4. It's the radio,not "file type of music" told u.. the radio from the game
  5. It's the added in the game. I'm trying the BG Stance's,but not working. The other countries not working too. Out of game I am starting with winamp the radio's and they works perfect.
  6. Hey there! Yesterday I've bought the game with 2 my friends.Installed it and get it. Everything is perfect,but there's the problem that their radio works perfect,but mine just keep changing stance's and the radio not working. I've tried with the instructions from the read me file , but it just keeps changing the stance's . Its' not from my internet,cuz we 3 are on the same I-net . Tried with re-install the game, the ets2mp client,but the problem continue. Can you help me to fix it,please?
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