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  1. I unshared the account, I brought ets2 on steam on this account so I can play online at the same time, and we both have seperate ets2mp accounts because we both have seprate steam accounts and i'm now running out of idea of what to do now
  2. I have already done that I should probably of put more information in but I have ran in compatability mode and in Administrator I am also on windows 8 if that helps?
  3. Help please, I have downloaded ets2mp to recieve this error message "Invalid Email or Password" even though I can log in on the browser, I also cannot put the @ symbol I have to copy it from my browser so there is no fault, I have changed my password multiple times and even changed my email, the only thing I can think of is that either my internet is refusing to allow it to connect, or because I have been using an account shared version of ets2 in the past until I brought it yesterday but that wouldn't explain why I cannot put the "@" in the email box. Any help would be appreciated
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