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  1. Driveable AI traffic cars

    This is a really good Idea because for the realism and for more variaty because the Skoda is getting a little bit annoying in my opinion, but I also agree with the negative points to because of the many trollers we have with cars in EU#2, but maybe we could solve that in making a new Server (Or use EU #1) and add this there. I would give it a chance +1
  2. What date did you join TMP (or ETS2MP)

    JOINED December 5, 2014. I started playing this game in octobre 2014.
  3. m downgrading too everything, nothing works, and many Users have this error now :(


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    2. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      Not really, the developers  are the best,  i wouldn't think  it would take more then 24 hrs to fix it.  


      i think what they are going to do  is make the mp  back to normal and  start working  on the other patch before releasing it  ( That my thoughts) 

    3. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      it wouldn't take more then 24  hrs :P  but who knows ,   just  wait  until  tomorrow and see how if  mp works. :)  

    4. SyxThePro


      Well, yeah, I guess that is the thing


  4. I installed the same version of ets2mp because I didnt realized that its called "launcher" instead of "client" now, wow.

  5. Admins can see who has which Trailer Route

    Welll thats a +1 for you I guess I cant really counter that, I will see how other users think of it, otherwise if most have the opinion that this is bad I want the mods to close this then, but 1 thing I wanna say is that I mean absolute nasty Trolls that just drive with a Trailer there to Troll instead of exploring and being friendly I guess this wasent the Best Idea, If Mods wish they can Reject this
  6. Admins can see who has which Trailer Route

    Well not for Convoys if they are on the List, then its Ok Of Course and different Routes are also Okay, I jsut mean the Players who are jsut carrying a Trailer forever and has some Destination far away from Huge Traffic Area and are just going to add Useless Traffic all the Time.
  7. Admins can see who has which Trailer Route

    well then its okay, I mean those Players who carry the Trailer all Time and their Destination is really far away from the Duisburg-Calais Road and they just drive the route all the tim to troll and add useless traffic.
  8. Suggestion Name: Admins can see all Players Trailer Route and since when the User has it. Suggestion Despriction: Because some Players just carry there Trailer everywhere they go and for example go to Duisburg Calais Road without the Admins to know its Useless Traffic because the Trailer Destination is something else or they take another route which they are not supposed to drive normally. (Like you drive to EP with an Trailer but the route is from Stockholm to Gdnask). Any Example Images: Yes Why should it be added:To get rid of so many Useless Traffic who are just carrying a Trailer to let the Admins think "That´s not Useless Traffic he has a Trailer".
  9. A System to reduce waiting Time when Server is full

    This Suggestion is basicly done now after over 1 Year
  10. Im back from a looooooong break :P Also My Wheel doesnt quiet work anymore since a few weeks and I just said Ill play something different but I also want to play this again so Ill try fixing it again.

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    2. Molovo


      Kappa The Old Logitech Software detects a Wrong Wheel, and the new Logitech Software for Driving Force GT doesnt want to detect my wheel even tho its plugged in

    3. DerAmpelmann


      Controller + ETS2 = Works + little boring

    4. videogamer


      @Littlelocky if you are using win 8 or win 10 click here

  11. Is It Just me or does all Break now?WOTR does not work This Has Problems,Whats Going On?

  12. ATS HYPEEE!!!!

  13. Changes to the ban process

    RIP ME Its a Good Rule But I already have 5 (6) Bans so Ill be Very Careful but I think thats no Problem,My last was in May tho.