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  1. Ban lifted? Just wondered! Thanks
  2. On my screen it says !Sorry you do not have permission for that!! When I click on my forum profile, thanks for the help anyway.
  3. It says that my profile on the forum is no longer active?
  4. I was being both respectful and specific but I will look in the support area as one or two are no help at all here and quite rude. Thank you Alec, at least us players are kind and help each other.
  5. I have asked twice for help with a problem and both times no help just deleted and flagged as spam? there is no need for this and I also noticed that my posts are not being archived in the trash for reference to being mistreated.
  6. Really? lol, not that this surprises me as you can't breath on here or in game sometimes without getting kicked, banned or something else.
  7. I needed help on why the server kept saying offline when i joined even though it was online with players in? my post has been deleted? it was an intermittent issue which hasn't happened today I was just returning to see if there was any news on it but it is not here.
  8. I can log in and I can attempt to join the server but it says that it is trying to establish a connection and says "offline" and it's intermittent.
  9. http://pastebin.com/abVZRYQy HereI have only included the game log as I tried pasting the spawn and crash logs and there are too many characters to submit, if you need more then I can add on here some more links? I jsut thought that this may be enough as I noticed the raven dlc issue recorded within this log, now I have not downloaded any mods myself I must add.
  10. Is EU1 down? (it shows that there are 170 players but offline?)
  11. I didn't do it on purpose, it doesn't say its full..? hence the "stupid multipost!"
  12. I was not kicked and I can log into multiplayer? stupid multipost! what is going on!?
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