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  1. Yes I 've been trying for days because ne solution found with the nice people here and the support I have written, but unfortunately there is no answer
  2. The problem is that I have 2 steam accounts . the one associated with that profile here . the other I wanted to sign up because then comes always the steam id is already in use . unfortunately I have no info about this other account because I have not the logged and since I have bought all the DLC separately .
  3. I 've tried to create a new account with the profile //steamcommunit...m/id/brotherbon It is not always stands which is already regestriert , but can not be
  4. I know that from the account id which is viprexfc . but I will I play with the other id da da all DLCs but I can not login
  5. that's the problem , I have no data on the main account whenever I try to log on the stands that were the steam account already known what not to be. they may even like to look after is this steam profile . http://steamcommunity.com/id/brotherbon I've even bought separately would all DLCs like to play again online
  6. Yes that's right. but when I try to log on my main account, is because the account is already in use but this can not be right , I had forgotten the data to my main account . I would like to play on the account since I 've since all DLCs . Unfortunately, the support I've also written , there comes no answer
  7. yes i have 2 accounts with 2 ets , is this a problem? it is not a family sharing
  8. yes the password or the email is wrong, but on the internet page , I can log in normally I have several times changed my data , but brought no solution , I reinstalled the game and did nothing .
  9. hi i can not log in , reinstall and password and change email addresses brought me nothing , I am at my wits end please help me
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