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  1. Arrwww...so amazing,the last picture ist cool,I also want to have this.
  2. This is one fo my favorite Song^^ T-ara-Sugar Free
  3. Congratulations to the Winners,beautiful pictures!
  4. Pretty pictures and you even have some with the police...
  5. Good pictures...David,I like it as you combine the trucks with the trailers in color...
  6. 6/10 haha a german old Song..^^´
  7. I vote for Spain,but i hope it comes Italy. It is right next to my country and i will drive to Rome. But I am happy about every map expansion...
  8. @Anriandor okay thank you so much! I hope you are right,then I must be patient...
  9. I thank you all for the positive feedback! that makes me happy...
  10. In the course of time as a trucker I collected a lot of pictures... I would like to share this with you.I will try to post some pictures as often as possible! I hope you like them... DAY 1
  11. In my WOT profile it was also updated but not shown in the forum my new license plate...? @ArmiNNN thank you for defending, @HapengCat I did not intend to spam, I'm sorry if they have this impression.
  12. No, unfortunately, that has not brought anything... I've changed it three days ago,Or do they mean that I must be logged out 30-60 minutes until it updates automatically...?
  13. I have a question?I have updated my WOT profile my license plate,but it is me in the forum on my profile still the old displayed. Have also already left the link removed saved and again the link inserted and saved again. But it always shows the old license plate... How can I change this? I thank you in advance.
  14. In order to get these jobs easily they travel to cities with certain companies that offer such as ITCC. The orders are also not offered in all cities it really is more a question of the company. In Köln and Gdansk they will always get these assignments. Over time, they will definitely know where to get these delivery...
  15. I find this action great from you and that you do this... If I had not already all,I would participate...^^´
  16. Hello Trucker´s i wish you all a nice Day,and Happy Trucking...  :)

    1. Guest


      Thank you and you too

  17. Good night Truckers,comes well into bed...  ^_^

    1. MrJakeeee


      Night Night!  giphy.gif

  18. Looks it all beautiful, but it is much too expensive...Or are they perhaps gilded.
  19. It was the same with me, the only thing left over F7+Enter,and then plan another route... Must be patient and wait for the new update.
  20. Wow this looks like a lot of work...I find it very informative,especially for young and new players is that helpful. Really good contribution thanks for that.
  21. Wishing you a happy birthday!!!  ;)

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