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  1. ~ProMods Norwegen~ :wub:



  2. Let´s start the weekend,i wish you all great Days...!  :D



  3. Alles gute zum Geburtstag und wünsche dir ein schönes neues Lebensjahr... ^_^

  4. I have the same problem since a few weeks... Sometimes I lose up to 20-40FPS But I also play ProMods and ATS and there are no problems... I have a Cleaning Programm and have tried everything else,but nothing helps... I start the Game with " -mm_pool_size 400 "
  5. Thank´s for your follow... ^_^

  6. Thanks for your follow...!  ;)

    1. THE DOCTOR 46 [ITA]

      THE DOCTOR 46 [ITA]

      Hello Chio.

      I found you by chance on the forum.I read that you live in Austria,nice place.

      I've been there on a motorcycle in August.

    2. [RSL] Chio San

      [RSL] Chio San

      Hy and thanks...Austria is a little Country but we have a beautiful Nature.

      Do you remember where you were in Austria?

    3. THE DOCTOR 46 [ITA]

      THE DOCTOR 46 [ITA]

      Yes.I went to Brno.

      I switched from Graz and Vienna.And the return from Innsbruck.

      beautiful landscapes and road.I really enjoyed it.

  7. ATS Event completed... :D


  8. ETS2 Event completed...  B)


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    2. Mike Dragon
    3. Anriandor


      Completed it for both ATS and ETS2 ;)




    4. [RSL] Chio San

      [RSL] Chio San

      Congratulations... ;)

      Me too!^^

  9. I Start the Day with good Music...!  :wub:


  10. Why can not I follow you?

    You are maybe the TMP-God...?  :D

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    2. [RSL] Chio San

      [RSL] Chio San

      "Sorry, you cannot add any more reactions today."

      Dammit i must write...Haha :D

    3. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      if you want to  u can add me  on steam :D







    4. [RSL] Chio San

      [RSL] Chio San

      I'm honoured...thx  ;)

  11. I am a bit confused,I read that the DAF should have a new paint job!

    But I can not find her...?  :huh:

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    2. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      dw if  not u can eat my friend @A Simple Cheeseburger :D  haha  jks :troll:


    3. [RSL] Chio San

      [RSL] Chio San

      @The Flying Dutchman 2

      Mmh...Okay then I have it misunderstood...Unfortunately  :(


      @SimulatorExperiencer  I hope he will taste good...!  :P

  12. @GGF MD Es geht auch um das DLC aber les dir mal die Regeln genau durch... Geht darum das du in deinen Playertag "ITDLC-XX" und dann das ein Admin auf dich trifft der dich dann anhält und dir eine Frage über Italien stellt.Wenn du die Frage korrekt beantworten konntest musst du dann noch folgenden Satz schreiben “Ich möchte das Italien DLC kostenfrei”...
  13. Trucker help Admin to stop the Scout Car in ETS...  :lol:


  14. Scandinavia,France,Austria,Italia The have the best Country Roads and i love Country Roads it´s so much better as a Highway...
  15. The forgotten City,it´s interesting to take a look and who knows, maybe she will be added to the game in the future... Pictures of my last visit!
  16. Hihi aber kann nicht so einfach Deutsche Admins im Spiel zu treffen so viele gibt es ja auch nicht... Musst ja den ganzen Tag C-D fahren.
  17. Planet of Apes Triology... Animes,Animes and more Animes... The story in Animes is better than it could ever be in movies!
  18. OMG watch this good Truck Driver,perfect Reaction!



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