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  1. We should restart this as a forum game to let all forum members post their idea.
  2. By your logic, it's not for driving cars neither. But traffic consists of different vehicle categories, and excluding one or another makes the simulator less realistic.
  3. An arcade server with enabled collisions can only be non-moderated and without the option to report. This however is something I wouldn't like to see TruckersMP advertised by. The "idiots on the road" videos have caused already enough damage by attracting players with bad manners.
  4. I welcome all additions to ETS2, and the new Mercedes Actros is no exception.
  5. The events of 11 September 2001 and following were tragic and devastating, and I welcome your noble effort to honor those who were or still are affected by them.
  6. I think, the English version outranks all other versions.
  7. My first truck of my very first profile? That's a long time ago, 2013 or 2014. It was either the Renault Magnum or the Scania R.
  8. Six years ago to the day (11 Auguat 2016), I joined the TruckersMP forums! 🙂

  9. @Dutch1984, your question makes perfect sense considering the limitations of the server and some players driving behavior. Between you and me, road traffic always contains chaos to a certain degree and unpredictable situations, which improve realism. But I support @Fummelprinz statement: simulation starts with you. Independent of the server, you can always choose to drive realistic and the degree of realism. The possibilites are literally endless!
  10. Only the in-game report system provides a playback function for the game moderator. The web report system requires the reporting player to provide the perpetrators ID and valid evidence of a rule viiolation in the form of video or screenshot, depending on the type of violation. The web report system usually takes more time to fill out, but it doesn't have a time-out and will be claimed eventually by a game/ report moderator.
  11. The digital mirror system allows me to keep the FOV at a lower and more realistic value, because it is installed inside the trucks cabin.
  12. To the development team: Is there a plan to implement AI traffic in TruckersMP?
  13. I'm curious how collected data of "idiots on the road" will help you to take over the world. It will more likely help you to realize why you shouldn't drive there in the first place.
  14. One of the functions of roads with multiple lanes is to allow drivers to safely travel in the same direction at different speeds. Ideally, slow moving traffic uses the most outer right lanes (UK: most outer left). As the simulation server hosts both, players who enjoy to drive realistic and players who enjoy to drive at the upper extremes, it is still possible to overtake players who travel at a slower speed than you. If you are in favor of driving without a speed limit, I recommend to use the arcade server instead of the simulation server.
  15. Players attract players. This however doesn't explain why players chose the road between Calais and Duisburg. Neither the road nor the landscape is challenging respectively beautiful.
  16. This has changed with the 1.45 release: "There will be options to opt-in, both on the server's and client's side to enable this if you choose to use this. In most cases, the session will not display the modification that is missing, however in some cases, such as if a player is using a vehicle that you do not have, it will show as a coloured placeholder box instead that replicates its size." Source: https://blog.scssoft.com/2022/07/american-truck-simulator-145-update.html?m=1
  17. blabberbeak


    Cheers for the hint @Granite, my head was lost in singleplayer.
  18. blabberbeak


    Time is connected to distance. While it is possible to tweak the time so that for example 15 in-game time units equal 15 real-time units, the in-game distance would be only a fragment of its original length. To counter it, the map needed to be changed to a scale of 1:1.
  19. Two kind of players you can always rely on: 1. The player solely making a forum account to post how he was unfairly banned and ask to remove the ban. 2. The player who wants to know shortly after an SCS release why he can't log in to TruckersMP and/ or when TruckersMP will support the release.
  20. Du verknüpfst dein Steam-Profil mit TruckersMP. Du verknüpfst dein WOT-Profil mit ETS2/ ATS. WOT-Aufträge können danach sowohl in SP als auch in MP ausgewählt werden.
  21. I'd welcome more mods being available in TruckersMP. But I understand every single additional mod gives more work with every update. It also raises the question which mod to add, because naturally not all mods can be included. I've made my peace with TruckersMP only providing a few selected mods. Other mods I enjoy in Singleplayer.
  22. I joined TruckersMP, because it allows me to interact with other players. I stopped playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 (respectively American Truck Simulator) on TruckersMP, because it lacks traffic outside populated areas, which is essential for realistic simulation.
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