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  1. We are now afraid to sleep 


  2. About damn time you got CM so you still in charge of mods or you handed it over

    1. FirestarteR93


      Thank you, I am still in charge of Forum Moderators and soon to Discord mods (also I saw your PM but I had to go out, so I'll reply later on)

  3. Happy Birthday Scarface hope you have a great day

  4. Patience is a thing that I’ve never really seen someone cover for recruitment I’m glad you did as you said it took you a year to join even if you meet requirements and there not spammed and the requirements were met within two weeks of joining 90% chance it won’t get accepted as there are a lot more things then meeting the requirements as you stated great guide.
  5. Are you using a modded map as it says required dlc i dont know if MP requires it or it is you need to make a new profile because when you took the dlc off you were in the dlc area
  6. Same as uninstalling a game right click on the dlc and click uninstall you can reinstall at any stage you like hope this helps
  7. I think what your trying to say is it the same process to download atsmp as ets2mp answer is yes when you download you can select if you want to download both games MP or you can chose one it will ask where you want your files i just put them in my ets2 and ats folder in documents i hope this is the answer you are looking for.
  8. Hi Nonuplets, could you please attach a photo of it so we can see what your talking about as just telling us doesnt always give the clearest idea of what it is. I would first try restarting your computer or reinstalling TMP make sure to get rid of all TMP files then reinstall it.I will add on more once a photo is attached so i can see exactly what you mean. Kind Regards, Hermit
  9. my posts are missing there is no explanation for it the posts were fine they were in the polish section and there all gone

  10. This rank has been round for ages just not many people knew about it as im friends with one of them or more so i know so its nothing new
  11. Video proof is much more reliable then a log as it can be easy to tell if it was on purpose the other advantage of it is people who report others but the evidence shows who is at fault screenshots cant be reliable as we cant tell who caused it -1.
  12. this is my luck I had a guy follow me from duisburg to dusseldorf ramming and blocking me constantly and i was like it will be fine i finally fixed my recording so it will work now then I did not press the record button once i exited i realised im going to do a dobby now

    1. -VOYVODA-


      haha really veru good luck :D


  13. Good night people almost 12pm I'm nearly passing out I'm that tired 

  14. Happy birthday have a great day

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