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  1. the bored hermit's post in No jobs in freight market was marked as the answer   
    Hi Acarbalacar
    If your are expeirencing this problem there are a number of ways to fix ill list some that you could try
    -use a rest point
    -go to buisness where you collect trailers and go into the square get a trailer then cancel it 
    -go to the menu press truck dealer and visit one and it should reset
    I hope this helps keep on trucking
  2. the bored hermit's post in experimental Server was marked as the answer   
    the experimental server was for staff to test a beta of the next update for truckersmp and find bugs so they can be fixed before the update is released to the public as we all know truckersmp strive to give us the best expeirence they can possibly give so yeah thats what it was for 
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