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  1. You may have the issue resolved, but just incase, have you got points assigned to each of your skills? the caravan comes under fragile where is that if you don't mind sharing, i like the scene
  2. Solved I didn't have any points assigned to the fragile section, once i did that the caravans are there now, thank you
  3. @[ST-E] T.Rucker thank you i will try that too
  4. @GoknOz thank you, i will try it
  5. Hi there, i just need a bit of help to do with this caravan mod. I've looked in the job market, slept loads of times, and still there is no caravan to be seen, please help me
  6. Thank you guys for posting the forms i found an answer and it worked, for any of you having this problem, just launch singeplayer with DirectX 64 bit, then quit out and play MP
  7. Hi there. i am having a problem with my ETS2MP, every time i go into drive mode it will connect me to the server as usual, but then the screen goes black and it ALT + tabs me, but single player mode works fine I have searched into it but I'm having no luck, if anyone knows the answer please help me out thanks --Roa_dwt
  8. i just need to ask, I'm I allowed to drive the car in this event? or is it restricted to admin? and I cant wait for this
  9. Is there a deadline for this compettition, or will it be announced when its over?
  10. I would also like to see the statistics of the most common reason an admin bans a player for
  11. it would be interesting to see statistics of how many players are currently banned similar to what [AC] #felixggru said, but I mean altogether, not just perm
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