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  1. [GAME MODERATION TRAINEE] @Coppekss is verwijderd uit het team na het falen van zijn trainings periode. [GAME MODERATION LEADER][TRANSLATOR] @Jeronimο verlaat het Translation Team om zich te focussen op zijn algemene taken in het Game Moderation Team. [PLAYER] @Roenz komt terug in het Game Moderation Team als Game Moderator, en in het Community Moderation Team als Discord Moderator.
  2. Welcome to the team 😊

    1. CookieTho_


      Thankyou so much, Pillow ❤️

  3. Had a great time leading the first official TruckersFM convoy of 2021! Thanks to everyone who participated! ❤️ 



    1. MousemanLV


      Damn that's a cool looking VW I guess 😁

  4. Great results, if I say so myself.. Thank you to everyone involved, and for making 2020 better than it was.
  5. [PLAYER] @Coppekss komt terug in het team als Game Moderation Trainee.
  6. [GAME MODERATOR] @Mr. Calvin komt bij het Community Moderation Team als Discord Moderator, en blijft ook als Game Moderator.
  7. [GAME MODERATION TRAINEE] @.Lincoln. is gepromoveerd naar Report Moderator.
  8. [REPORT MODERATOR] @Raeker is gepromoveerd naar Game Moderator. [GAME MODERATOR][COMMUNITY MODERATOR] @Roenz is tijdelijk verwijderd uit het team. Ook heb ik de lijst geüpdatet met de nieuwste 'rank badges'!
  9. Had a nice little drive through the new Calais Port with @Emma.x - Also came along @MightyPower in Dover Port! ❤️ 





    1. [BEARS] Respect

      [BEARS] Respect

      beautiful red semi-trailer!

    2. Herr Müller [GER]
    3. Emma.x


      was very lovely :)

  10. Over 24 hours later, the Save The Children 2020 event has finally come to an end! I... unfortunately... could not make it to the end as I was feeling ill and shaking :( 


    I have stayed for over 20 hours and have seriously enjoyed my time there! I want to thanks @TFMSkinner @TFM_Nathan564 and @DJ Dynamic for leading and managing the event, although Dynamic fell asleep at route 3 😂


    I also want to thank everyone who has attended the event, and of course, those who stayed for over 24 hours! Thank you!! ❤️ 

  11. Proud to finally be able to call myself an official TruckersFM Presenter now! 🥰

  12. [REPORT MODERATOR] @Mr. Calvin is gepromoveerd naar Game Moderator.
  13. Absolute PRO GAMER @London Truckers.FM just went live over on Twitch! 



    1. Shayrin


      @London Truckers.FM watch out London. We are waiting for your accident :troll:

  14. [TRANSLATOR] @akuponcture has been removed from the TruckersMP Team due to inactivity.
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