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  1. Good afternoon/evening everyone! Best of luck to those applying to join the GM team. Keep on smiling! ❤️

    1. Rider.


      You too! :kappa:

    2. Chev


      Thanks, can’t wait to apply and see where my application goes :kappa:

    3. Mr. Teddy

      Mr. Teddy

      Good evening/good day to you too sir. I hope you had a good day. thank you for your good wishes:tmp::HaulieLove:

  2. Good morning/afternoon. Have an awesome Sunday everyone! ❤️

    1. Mr. Teddy

      Mr. Teddy

      I hope you have a good day admeen thank u :HaulieLove:

    2. L-DR@GO
  3. rec ban ❤️

    1. NιghtKιller


      No admeeen, please no ban 😭 ❤️ 😆

    2. Chev


      I’ll think about it :kappa:

  4. Good morning everyone! Have a lovely day. ❤️

    1. NιghtKιller


      Good morning, you too! ❤️

  5. Have a lovely evening/night everyone! 😁


    Don’t forget to keep smiling and remembering tomorrow is always a better day.


    PS: @Rider. is UwU ❤️

  6. Happy Birthday! ❤️

  7. Good morning everyone! Have a lovely day and keep smiling. 😄


    Feels good to be back in Prime. ❤️

  8. Vlosssssssom Happy Birthday ❤️

  9. Have a great evening/week coming up! ❤️

    1. FourP.


      Have a good day too nub

  10. Good morning everyone! Have a great day and awesome weekend. ❤️

    1. Fezz [AE]

      Fezz [AE]

      Good Morning!

    2. `Duk𝝣


      Gooooood Morning! 😀

    3. L-DR@GO


      Good Morning 2u2 🙏

      have a great weekend 2👍

  11. Happy Birthday bud! ❤️

    1. Shαdows


      Thank you!!!! 😍

  12. Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Have a lovely day! ❤️

    1. L-DR@GO



      and u too 👍

    2. Somehow Lucky

      Somehow Lucky

      It would be better if there wasn't 3 eight hour shifts back to back. Luckily, today is the third one.

    3. Chev


      Sorry to hear that. :((

  13. Good morning. Have a great day! ❤️

  14. rec ban

  15. Happy Birthday Dox! Love ya. ❤️❤️

    1. Doxxyz


      Thank you, Love ya too Chev ❤️❤️ 

  16. Happy Birthday Terry! ❤️

  17. Now I can follow you ❤️

  18. 🥺🥺🥺

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Rider.


      Nothing sus here @Fezz98 👀

    3. Chev


      Nothing is sus about our love :HaulieLove:

    4. Fezz98


      Eww feelings *Fezz has left the chat*

  19. omg a new gm, oh wait :kappa:

    1. Ghøst.



  20. Good morning everyone! Have a lovely morning/day. ❤️

    1. L-DR@GO


      Good Morning Bro 

      have a great day too 👍

    2. Almira xeltz.

      Almira xeltz.

      Good day ! nubb ❤️:troll:

  21. Happy Birthday! ❤️

    1. [MCG] RedWolf [CZ] ~

      [MCG] RedWolf [CZ] ~

      Thank youu Chevyyy ❤️

  22. Good morning everyone! Have a lovely morning/day and don’t forget to stay positive. ❤️

    1. Yu Jian  TMP

      Yu Jian TMP

      Have a happy day!

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