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    Playing Euro Truck Simulator 2: Multiplayer and soon to be American Truck Simulator: Multiplayer.

    Being a part of this community and giving back to it in any way I can.

    Enjoying games with my great friends that I have made in the time I have been in the community.
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  1. You won't see me this time next year....... or the year after that..... or the year after that...... but in 2020 you will :) #LeapYear

  2. The forum is looking pretty dam fine guys!

  3. I've been installing GTA V overnight... I wonder if it will be done for when I get home...

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. Krym


      Im leaving work now! XD The only way to find out if it's done, is to find out if it's done!!!

    3. FirestarteR93
    4. RadioactivePotato


      it will be done in soon™

  4. Just beat an ATSMP Record!

    1. heyhococo


      Good on you lad! xD

  5. #Fatality

    1. TrademarkGamer


      Trust Krym to get there first xD

  6. If you have the latest version of both multiplayer and singleplayer then you should be fine. The game updated and so multiplayer was down until the port was finished.
  7. Maybe you tries to log in with a restricted name including profanity or other offensive words. Try changing your name and trying again.
  8. 45 Minutes left at work... someone come and save me???

    1. stilldre1976


      Fire alarm........lol

    2. Krym
  9. Just need now for the W900 . Cant Wait!
  10. Enjoy singleplayer everyone.... everyone on MP enjoy quiet servers for a change!

  11. When People Think They're Driving In Need For Speed Instead of American Truck Simulator

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    2. Krym
    3. stilldre1976


      Lmao @ big trucker :) i almost had that reno..

  12. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend this convoy, but judging by the screenshots and videos... it looked like a great time and a great way to celebrate the amazing work the TruckersMP team have done to enable everyone to not just play our favourite simulator games, but play them together.
  13. ^ Hopefully there will be some mods for the multiplayer that use only the base game code like what people did with the ETS2MP mods above. It will be "interesting" to see hybrid trucks on ATSMP
  14. -1 I disagree with this suggestion because the edge of the NCZ would always have trucks sat on it and like the above post by Noraf says, there would be flying trucks everywhere...
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