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    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Wow :o That's bad - something similar happened to me yesterday :(

      Skip to 01:05:19 to see it - https://www.twitch.tv/the_welsh_vader/v/72781381

      It didn't feel that bad when I was driving (I'd imagine its the same with that guy)

    2. SyntheticSinz
  1. Can someone meet me at Las Vegas please on EU #2 i need someone to let me follow them to the track, thank you.

    1. rwsender


      its beside the bitumen dealer at Tuscon, go there and you will see a sort of loop, the track isn't marked on the map.

  2. I have a problem updating my Multiplayer


    1. The Scottish Lad

      The Scottish Lad

      Post in help section and people can help you

  3. Attention all players the Update is now here, please remove your games from beta and start up the update via steam :)

  4. Can i ask you guys something about Plays.tv, how long should the recording be for posting it on ETS Forums for reporting?

    1. bryangullickson


      There isn't really a Set time it HAS to be as long as it is long enough and clear enough to clearly show the user being Reported Breaking the Rules and or Doing something that is enough for the admins to decide the Reported User needs action taken against them in the form of a ban from TruckersMP.


      Hope This Helps,


    2. SyntheticSinz
  5. I was on EU 2 in Reno and i saw a car with a trailer attached, im like what the heck, when i followed it it was out of sight, on the freeway

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    2. SyntheticSinz
    3. Titanic4


      Another thing: do you use any kind of gameplay recording software, such as Shadowplay, Plays.tv or similar?

    4. SyntheticSinz


      I can use Plays.tv, i just need the right settings for recording.

  6. Can we have Convoys for ATS instead of ETS2MP please..

  7. Does anyone know the server for ETS2MP and ATSMP with Teamspeak?

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