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  1. It started out as a list of my pet peeves with public convoys, but I decided to make it constructive and offer solutions.
  2. I'm going to preface this by saying I am not the foremost expert on convoys, and that this is not going to be an in-depth guide with specifics. What follows is simple concepts for a successful convoy. It will be revised as I feel fit. Pick a leader. It's critical that someone is in charge. This persons responsibility will be planning out the order of destinations, fuel, order of trucks, route, etc (This person does not necessarily have to lead the pack, however it's a good idea.). Make a plan. The key things to plan out is order of destinations, order of trucks, and where you will stop for fuel. It's also important to decide what type of convoy you want. Picking up trailers with no intention of actually delivering them creates a much simpler convoy. Make an order. Place the heaviest trucks in the front, and make sure people remember who is in-front of them. Stick to the order. Clean your Comms. If you are using Team-speak, it's a good idea to disable CB. If you are using CB, don't use default channel. It's also important to give priority to the chosen leader, physical leader, and tail. Things they say may be time critical (Such as calling out a turn, traffic, accidents, passing trucks, etc). If you hear them starting to say something, shut up. Another way to clean the comms is to not ask too many questions. After the convoy is underway nobody should be asking "Where are we going?" "Are we stopping for fuel?" "Are we taking this turn?" "Are we stopping here?" etc. Another tip I suggest is to avoid pronouns especially when asking questions. "Who is that?" "Who is behind me?" "I need to repair." Use your name. It avoids the inevitable "Who said that? Who said what? Who said 'I need to repair'? I didn't say that. Well who did?" or some other idiotic exchange from happening. If you are the leader. Your responsibilities are making sure everyone knows when you will be turning, slowing down, stopping, and starting off. If you are the tail. Your responsibility is making sure the leader knows how far back everyone is and letting people know when a truck is passing. Drive at a reasonable speed. This doesn't mean the speed limit. Every one has different skill levels and hardware. Going 70 down a twisty highway is not a good idea. Last thing you want is someone to be led too quickly into a corner, panic and jack-knife. If you are an other participant. Your responsibility it to make sure you remember who is in front of you, and follow them. Don't worry about the route, don't worry about where you are going, don't worry about what other people are doing. Just follow the damn person in front of you. If you worry that you may be missing your destination, get over it. Don't f**k up the whole convoy because you're worried about you. Wait till the next stop and bring it up with the leader. Someone got rammed, what to do? Everyone should F7 and teleport to the garage. This makes it so people aren't waiting around, makes it so the order doesn't get messed up, and makes sure nobody gets lost. This is what I have so far, I'll revise it if I have anything else to add/remove/edit. Follow at least some of these things and I can guarantee your convoy will go smoother.
  3. ^ Correct, report still works properly. However it should still be fixed.
  4. Topic Title: 'Unknown Error Occured' When entering TMP ID into Report TMP ID: 896955 URL: http://truckersmp.com/en_US/reports Server Time/ Date: 2016-03-19 23:08:01 How to reproduce: Start filing a report -> Enter Valid ID (I used 887205) Screenshots / Videos: None
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