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  1. Do you approve of admins threatening to ban people who take loads and hence use the Calais to Duisburg road? That's what the thread was orignally about.

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    2. KayyJayy:D


      Read page 1 of that thread

    3. stilldre1976


      I have and it doesn't say anything about banning people for driving loads on that road,they said the people who drive from calias to duis over and over adding to traffic at peak times ie useless traffic.the way your going on is if they said any loads going thro that route will get you banned :rolleyes:

      see it from there point of view if they watch you drive that route 5 times in an hour with the same load its obv your doing it on purpose

    4. Forraz


      Locked as this will most likely cause drama from many arguements.

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