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  1. I will say this from my time as PM here, if you attack the staff, you lose your right to have a proper say in the debate that happens after. Protest and such needs to be respectful and not attacking yet when someone gets removed for often violating internal security policies, this happens. It happened when I was involved in the project and it happens again now. I am not impressed with the behaviour made by some. Now, I don't even come here because I was asked to, I read about it on the Facebook group that I'm still part of. I don't wade into this lightly. But this kind of behaviour is highly inappropriate and not deserved from the team. They have the policies in place for a reason going back longer than a year and they were put in place to stop incidents like this from happening, but if people break those policies that they should know full well about then that's on them. If you don't like something, say something, but don't be disrespectful about the matter in the process. It only hurts your argument. If someone on your side starts attacking, call them out and ask them to stop because it hurts your argument. This applies in this matter and all others. It's hard for the team to kick someone like that, they don't want to have to make that call, and I know from experience having made that call in the past. I will say this again, do not attack the team to get your point across. Don't break the rules just because you disagree with something. And in the wise words of Wil Wheaton, just don't be a dick.
  2. Great job guys! You've done amazing work and good luck in the future with getting to 3 million!
  3. Hi guys, We have decided to release a limited run of TruckersMP branded Tshirts, hoodies and mugs through TeeSpring and these can be found here: https://teespring.com/truckers_mp We have decided to bring back the TruckersMP T-Shirts, hoodies and mugs for a limited time in order to get them before Christmas. I hope you enjoy. Check out https://teespring.com/truckers_mp for the link. This offer is limited to 16 days and will expire on Sunday the 3rd of December at 11:59PM BST so get them while you can! All items come in Black and Blue, although blues may vary. Now, before this is all said and done, there's also another announcement that I'm making on my Twitch Stream tonight at twitch.tv/clarkinator at 6:30PM AEST - 9PM AEST. This stream is my normal TruckersMP Admin Troll Patrol so please ensure you're tuned in for that. Pricing: T-Shirt: €20 Hoodie: €30 Mug: €11 View post on homepage
  4. [ADMIN] @Syntog has stood down from the team for personal reasons.
  5. [ADMIN] @MrHarv98 has returned to the IGA team as a full admin.
  6. [ADMIN] @KacaKTV has been removed from the admin team for violations of policy.
  7. [ADMIN/SUPPORT] @WooQash has been removed from the team for violating the Information Security Policy.
  8. [ADMIN] @CaptainKostaZ has rejoined the Administration Team. [CM] @Digital and @Trucking Australia have been promoted to Community Managers.
  9. PLEASE NOTE: EU1 is no longer the trial server. EU3 is now with a new name. This is due to complaints about the lack of a simulation server which we failed to factor into this properly. We are sorry and intend on doing better next time.
  10. EU1 is coming back at some point as a simulation server. Don't worry about that.
  11. So over the last few months, we have been reading a number of people asking for a different server set up, one without cars but no speedlimiter and collision on. Well, we have heard those voices and are announcing a trial of this set up on EU3 which has been renamed for this to "Trial". If you want to see us keep this set up, make your voices heard and join the server during the trial. The more people are on it, the more likely we are to keep it. EDIT: Please note, EU1 has gone back to it's original config. View post on homepage
  12. [ADMIN] @Bonnm has returned as administrator.
  13. [ADMIN] @Glanshon has been removed from the team for failing to meet activity requirements. [ADMIN] @H&V | S3ba has been removed from the team for failing to meet activity requirements.
  14. [SUPPORT] @fyzz08 has stepped down from Support Team Leader for personal reasons however will remain in the support team. [SUPPORT] @LIGHTOFGOD is taking over the Support Team Leader role. [ADMIN] @gwait has stood down for personal reasons.
  15. [CM] @Chris - TFM has been promoted to the role of Community Manager.
  16. [PM] @HumaneWolf steps down from Vice Project Manager and takes on a web-developer role. [PM] @scarface0359 has stepped into the role of Vice Project Manager. [ADMIN] @CentralProcessingCat returns as ingame administrator.
  17. [ADMIN] @Memduh Ba?gan has returned as In-Game Administrator.
  18. UPDATE: There's now a second giveaway in the original post! Check it out! https://truckersmp.com/blog/37
  19. [MOD] @videogamer has stood down from the administration team. He will remain on as a forum moderator.
  20. [ADMIN] @H&V I S3ba rejoins the administration team after a long time away.
  21. [ADMIN] @CentralProcessingCat has stood down from the team due to lack of time. [ADMIN] @F.Maynard has returned to the administrator team.
  22. This has been answered several times already however, Our admins are not taken from the general public but from already within the team.
  23. AbbieGator


    Our administrators are not taken from the public but exclusively from already within the team.
  24. AbbieGator

    Promods server

    Simple reason is that you can't validate that someone is using the official link and not another and then if someone is running a modified version, it can cause some issues.
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