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  1. @Fallen yes I will argue those points - 750hp or 730hp engine + 0t trailer accelerate pretty fast (I know cause I often use that) while trucks can't fit through smaller gaps like cars it sure as hell doesn't stop some from trying to force their way between trucks and I have often seen the C-D road turn into 3 lanes with cars and trucks+ trailers squeezing down the middle between trucks in narrow spaces and when squeezing past fails Cars cause no more larger amount of issues then trucks do, both cars and trucks cause just as many problems sometimes trucks with trailers causing even more problems due to the size of them compared to cars, while cars going down narrow gaps in the road is pretty annoying they can get reported and banned for it but at least it usually doesn't stop traffic from coming the other way cause trucks with trailers do it just as much as cars do and that can often lead to more issues and road blockages like here (if you took cars out of this video and imagine they aren't there then noting would change it would be the exact same)
  2. my new Volvo FH for DLC paint ;) the paint of this truck will change depending on what DLC paint I want to use :P

    this is what it will look like to those without the paint DLC's :P


    Some of the paints I plan on using on it ;)


    Have 3 other Volvo FH's with DLC paints but rather then buying multiple new Volvo FH's I want to use decided to just get one instead and change the paint:P Also have an older Merc, Volvo FH Classic and Scania for DLC paints like this truck ;) 

    1. Cytanes


      Omg, Volvo Looks soooooo nice :) 

    2. Killua (DavidOC93)
  3. Finally been able to update World of Warships :D Have missed this :P Been ages since I've played it :unsure: My first battle after so long was great (even tho I lost) I ended up being the last ship left on my team and had to fight 2 at the same time, sunk one and was close to sinking the 2nd one but he managed to sink me first :unsure:

    Not too bad at all :D


  4. -1 Nope no way, as much as I'd love to see that one ban of mine (yellow dot now) gone and have a clean record the colour showing as yellow shows its inactive and for people that troll they should not have bans removed, everyone can make mistakes and might get banned for them but I'm sure most people and VTC's can see how a player is by their ban history, VTC's should see the ban history as it helps to see if someones a troll or not. It also shows people who have learnt from their mistakes or have changed from being trolls to good players
  5. Why must people blame the cars for everything? :( The only thing that needs to be changed with the cars is that the brakes could do with improving (if possible) :)

    Drivers are the problem NOT cars - there are just as many trolls and people causing problems in trucks - removing cars or banning them from places or limiting them number wise or anything else will do noting to solve any issues - the trolls that did use the cars will just go to trucks and the only ones punished will be the rest of us :(

    I am usually in and around the busy areas in Europe in MP nearly every day and usually go C-D road once or twice a day (sometimes in a car and sometimes in a truck with a job) so I think I can judge pretty well the problems as I'm there most days and cars or in no way the biggest problem in MP, yes there are plenty of trolls that use them and some days I come across more cars causing problems and other days I see more trucks causing problems, overall I see a fairly good mixture of both.


    Today for example I saw some cars causing problems and got 100% damage by one coming out of a port and going through me BUT i also had a head on crash with a truck on the wrong way and the C-D road today the amount of crashes was crazy and quite alot of them caused by trucks with trailers


    Please people just stop to think and rather then complaining to TMP about the cars just go to EU1 if you don't want cars or just do what alot do and record and report the trolls in cars and trucks and they will  eventually get perma banned the more they troll :)

    TMP worked hard and for quite a while to add the cars and we should appreciate their hard work :) Trolls and all these problems existed before cars (except Europort was the crazy place and not C-D road) 


    Sorry about the long post :mellow: Just getting sick and tired of posts and people complaining about cars and acting like they are the biggest problem and by removing them the problems will go away :unsure:



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    2. DrEGZo


      Exactly my opinion :lol::lol::lol: 

    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      I always said this since the very first day Scouts became available and I will say it again:


      Cars are not the problem. Their drivers are the problem. The recklessness we see being committed with those things had always been present, except that before they were added, it was all committed with trucks. And it still is. There's simply a second type of vehicle to choose from, now. The only real problem the Scout has is the brakes. Which can be worked around quite easily, actually. But nooooo.... all kids can think of is "GOTTAGOFASTGETOUTOFMYWAYIOWNTHEROADANDMYDADWORKSATNINTENDOSOIAMMOREIMPORTANTTHANYOU!1!!!11!!!".

    4. Killua (DavidOC93)

      Killua (DavidOC93)

      ^That last part LOL :lol:

  6. Limiting the server to only 100 cars would be incredibly unfair, there should be no limit to the amount of cars, there are loads of people that drive the cars and do not troll. People really need to get this fact and stop complaining about the cars - DRIVERS are the problem Not cars There is no need to do anything with the cars (except maybe improve the brakes) other then report the ones that troll and they will get banned, EU2 is not the only server there are other options including EU1 with no cars so if anyone cannot deal with cars being in MP then just go there - EU3 is pretty busy but not total chaos like EU3 if you still want traffic and cars and no speed limit. Otherwise just record and report the trolls and stop whining about the cars
  7. one of my earlier trucks ;) hadn't driven it in a very long time :P



    Decided to go straight in MP and just do some jobs for a change - no modded trailer or 0t trailers just normal MP jobs and no C-D road, took a job from Felizstowe to Amsterdam and thinking great should actually get paid fully for this job for once :) but oh boy was I wrong -_-

    As I was about to enter the port a car came out and drove through my truck sending me up a little and then down into the ground :(


    Then came around the corner to see this guy coming the wrong way :o braked and swerved into th other lane to try to avoid a crash but nope -_- How could he get all the way from the port to here and not realize he was on wrong side :o


    Ended up on part of the C-D road anyway cause there was a job to Duisburg in MP :lol: 

  8. Compilation 27 Enjoy
  9. Great Photos Some very nice looking trucks there too 27 - DZG
  10. -1 Trucks can crash into you and send you flying aswell and cause problems etc it is not only cars, it is not only cars that troll, there are just as many trucks that troll as there are cars. Some DRIVERS are the problem NOT the cars. Really getting fed up with people blaming cars for everything, I play MP in the busy areas nearly every day so I see alot and I can tell you one thing that is FACT - there are just as many trolls in trucks as cars, some days it might be more cars and other days more trucks but a fairly good mixture of both causing problems. Record and report the trolls and if you really hate cars then use EU1. No one should have to apply to use the cars just like no one has to apply to use the trucks - both can and are use to troll and cause problems (not one more so then the other) so it would be extremely unfair to bring in a system like this and pointless cause the trolls would just use trucks instead.
  11. Trucks do all these things too, trucks with and without trailers, half the trucks with trailers also probably have random trailers that don't actually go that road People really need to stop blaming cars for everything and acting as if problems will just magically go away by removing cars from the game or banning them from that road etc People also need to really realize that not all cars are trolls and trucks troll just as much as cars. Now I know exactly what I am talking about because I use that road very regularly - at least once or twice a day most days so I know and see the problems and chaos on that road and cars are in no way the biggest and only problem on that road. There are just as many trucks (with + without trailers) that cause just as many problems on C-D road as cars and that is FACT. Some days its more cars and other days more trucks but a fairly good mixture of both that cause problems.
  12. Great Photos
  13. Compilation 27 :) Enjoy :)


  14. forum game

    Banned for joining on my birthday (May 16)
  15. Massive -1 This would be very unfair, there is noting wrong with using cars and that road as long as your not going over and back, of course when theres a massive traffic jam there then you probably shouldn't be in a car there but thats not alot of the time, alot of the time on that road its very busy but traffic is moving and this also would add an awful lot of wasted time for admins, having to spend their time trying to stop cars from going on that road would be a total waste of the admins time (remember the no cars at Europort rule when cars first came - that didn't really go all too well and was cancelled so cars where allowed as long as they went to the port) Cars do not cause an immense amount of trouble on that road, yes some do but some trucks and trucks with trailers cause just as many problems so why single out cars? Probably half the people with trailers probably don't actually have jobs going that way either. Everyone one know the traffic and chaos on that road by now and its pretty easy to avoid that road so those that want to drive in in cars or trucks with or without trailers should all be allowed as long as they are not causing any trouble, the ones that ram and cause crashes etc can be recorded and reported This would be an impossible rule to enforce and take admins time away from dealing with more important things, I can't see many people obeying this rule and those that would, would just go to trucks and get random trailers so in actual fact this could add to even more traffic.