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  1. Hello @Stubborn. Yes, this question has been answered with the answer i have been looking for, you can go with closing this question. Kind regards, -TurboStar-
  2. Hello @ManuMarSch Thank you very much for helping me, in 3 months of me being in TMP i have changed a lot of nicknames so i now use this nickname but if i change again i cannot use it anymore cause it will mark as "nickname already in use" or something like that, so i guess i cant do that but i massive thank you for your answer
  3. Logitech G29 with H Shifter and 3 pedal, always used the wheel in cars games like BeamNG or simulation like ETS 2
  4. There is a lot of combination i like to use, for example these 2
  5. I have the same problem too and it crashes when i go to "Visit Selected Dealer". Are you going to "Visit Selected Dealer?" Try to enter the dealership by clicking on "Buy Online" works for me
  6. You know, where there is all the info like TMPID, Steam ID etc etc, i have tried everything and in the settings there no option to enable the "also knows as" like this user have
  7. its cool, really one of the best feature i saw so far, makes you decide what type of trailer and cargo you want, i use it and its 100 times better
  8. Depends on how i feel at that moment, if im tired im driving slow, 80-90 km/h, if someone in front of me is driving slow, to me its not a problem i accept his speed limit and stay behind him, i like to cruise in slow speed sometimes not always 110, if there is no one near me then i like to push my truck to the limit which is 110
  9. Awesome work guys keep going with the good stuff
  10. Yeah man real talk, on YouTube you can find some of the trucks going really fast, but i think they're empty otherwise would be difficult to reach that speed and to brake 100+ to 0
  11. Actually i dont have a favorite color, i always when i modify a truck i choose a color that looks good on that truck, could be any color important is that it looks good, but i dont have any favorite colors
  12. Il triplo rimorchio puoi sbloccarlo tramite mod acquistandolo in singleplayer e poi andando online
  13. I dont have old pictures, im playing 2 months old im new wish i played before too cause i saw in this screenshots really cool trailers that i never saw in this 2 months period, and europort was the first chaotic road graphic looks different too, wow
  14. Will you expect one day that Truckers MP change the speedlimit to what it was before? What are your thoughts if Truckers MP one day decide to bring us back the 150 km/h speed limit? Do you think its more realistic? More chaotic? Personally i think its more realistic cause i nave seen trucks going 150 km/h and more, and definetly realistic for the cars, my 6th gear on the scout car never used xD
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