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  1. That C-D road doesn't need an non collision zone. Its simply very unrealistic. If you don't want to get damaged, there is highway around that road with no issues. Maybe only a small non-collision zone trough the Duisburg, since its a constant problem with players getting blocked from leaving the repair point.
  2. Nop, not needed at all. Unecessary scripting for something that may be abusable. -1
  3. Pff no need for this. Plus doubt even it would be possible to do it. I don't think there are APIs regarding the trailer and trucks cus they are client sided.
  4. I said for reporting, am pretty sure you won't record 10 minutes straight, filling your harddisk for one simple report. Anywas I forgot to mention if you have nVidia grapichs card use shadowplay, its OP.
  5. bandicam! unregistered version xd fraps (if u have monster pc) obs(monster pc) but for small recordings for reporting player best is bandicam.
  6. will help with the translation of serbo-croatian
  7. now those are nice pictures love it.
  8. holy moly 2 and half years!?!?!? damnnn time flies
  9. I was an admin in a community (300k+ members) where we had an "old school" system, and people had benefits in game and I can tell you it made people unhappy. This system is fine. -1
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