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  1. I'll give it a go but don't think ill use it a lot will get a bit annoying after a while i cant stand one IRL so game will be double annoying
  2. If people used common sense then it wouldn't end up a mess, if someone if waiting to leave let them out so you can go in, also shouldn't be driving on the path any way
  3. That is a shame. Fully agree maybe also No trailers at the Track
  4. It is fun there even on single player just doing laps lol, Just make it a Non collision so that way its still there if people want to Enjoy it they can with out the risk of hitting another driver lol
  5. Suggestion Name: Make Race track non collision Zone or Block it off Suggestion Description: On the current beta Arizona DLC has access to a Race track Will it either be blocked off or made a No collision zone Any example images: Why should it be added?: Blocked for no access Or Non collision due to amount of trucks that may be on it Suggestion Name: Add non collision zones at Race track or Block off access Suggestion Description: N/a Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: Blocked reason being it is Actually off the map but Scs made it so we can knock cones down to gain access and get a Achievement, Non-collision due to the amount of people that may be on it
  6. Yes i fully understand that but what Im saying is the speed limits don't Bother me to much on EU1 as ive gotten used to them
  7. I actually like the current Speed Limits I dont find them to much of a Bother
  8. I agree this would be a very good idea especially for Doing convoys
  9. Ok so i just done a Delivery and the driving rules i broke where, Speeding, jumping red lights, Driving on wrong side of road and nope it didn't effect the final pay but you do still get the normal fines like not doing a World of trucks job
  10. You cant go over 55mph Ill do a job now and let you know if speeding fines effect the Final pay
  11. American truck sim is out 3rd Feb i Cant wait :D

  12. +1 for the convoy but the others it is a good idea but would be to much on the gps -1 the Admin one is a Bad idea you see a Admin blip automatically you behave its like being on a real road you see a police car you behave.
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