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  1. Maybe I'm biased since from the racing genre I prefer drift the most to anything else but if there's no drift option in the game, like in this case, to me the given game sucks. So I won't even bother with it anymore.
  2. I don't buy a game before I try it cracked and decide whether I like it or not. If I like it, I buy it. That's why I've bought ATS and ETS2, lol. Edit: they could have done it better. The most disappointing moment - no handbrake! I tried so hard to make the truck drift and the only way to do that was to make it oversteer by exceeding the speed "limit" for the given corner. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3EVjCWGVl0
  3. Sounds interesting, I didn't even know such a game existed. I'll try it. So far I knew only about FIA WRC 2 which is the best WRC game ever made.
  4. But they didn't miss to add all promods locations, including Greece. Please...
  5. I can't see another suitable forum for this topic, so if a mod thinks there's a better forum for it, please, move it. When one clicks "edit profile" here in the forum and opens the drop-down menu "EU garage location", the entire DLC RTTBS is missing from the list - no Bulgaria, no Romania, no Turkey. Considering RTTBS was released 5 months ago and it's still missing from the forum settings, IDK what else to think but discrimination - obviously someone thinks it's not worthy to add 2 more European countries and a small part of an Asian country cuz no humans live there...
  6. Здрасти. Един въпрос: ако имам фирма и търся шофьори, мога ли да си пусна тема тук, в българския форум или не?
  7. 1. This is a truck simulator game, not Need for speed. 2. If you wanna drive fast, there's an "Arcade" server with no speed limit. So to answer your question - no, it shouldn't be removed. I've seen what happens when there's no speed limit and it's ugly, to say the least - you can't make a single delivery to the end because there's always some moron who prefers the "hit and run" policy and there's nothing you can do about it. Or if you catch him and payback to him, you get reported and banned while he gets away all the time. So thanks but no, thanks, we're better off WITH speed limit.
  8. NFS Underground 2 (mostly when I feel like speeding, so that I don't have to do that on TruckersMP), Hard Truck Apocalypse (when I get mad and feel like shooting at reckless drivers on TruckersMP), a strategy and an RPG here and there, Mad Max, GTA 5, etc.
  9. The only viable way to kill reckless drivers is to mark their accounts. If they have been reported more than 5 times for reckless driving, their accounts to be marked "reckless driver" and will be permanently limited to 80 km/h top speed outside of cities and 40 km/h inside cities. Having them to drive slower than everybody else will make them remember it's a truck simulator and not Need for speed.
  10. If I have the money and the level - yes. I'll make it look and perform perfectly before "Hit the road, Jack!", whether it's single or multiplayer.
  11. I found a way to speed up loading times for ProMods in Single Player but sadly it doesn't work for TruckersMP. Considering that also the "-nointro" option doesn't work either, this makes me think the launcher of TruckersMP launches the game directly from it's executable and doesn't read the launch options of ETS2 in Steam. Suggestion name: Launch Options Suggestion Description: a) make the launcher read the "launch options" of Steam or b) add a "launch options" field in the launcher window (where the "Launch ETS2" button is located) Suggestion images: none. Additional information: From a topic on the official SCS forum I got these options whose values I modified to match my system and now they look like this: -nointro -mm_max_resource_size: 8000 -mm_max_tmp_buffers_size: 8000 "-nointro" is self explanatory. With the other 2 options when loading promods in single player, the total loading time is about 20 seconds. Without these options, single player promods loads exactly the same time it needs to load in multiplayer, which is at least 5 minutes. The huge difference comes from the fact that the default resource size the game uses is like 20-30 MB, whereas my setting makes it 8000 MB; the temporary buffer size used by the game by default is 1000 MB, but for someone like me with 32GB RAM, that's too low and setting it to 8000 MB speeds up loading by a lot! I still haven't tested these things with "12000" or "16000" but so far 8000 looks good in regards of performance. So adding launch options in truckersmp launcher or making it read the steam launch options will allows us to speed up the loading process of promods in multiplayer. Well, at least those of us who have enough RAM anyway. The best part is that this won't affect the gameplay in any way, it will simply make things faster locally, if the computer hardware is powerful enough to handle it.
  12. If I understand you right, it means that my own transmission which is a standalone file won't work and I have to place its data into one of the SCS transmissions?
  13. rado84

    Wrong texture for rain

    Mine is off too but not because I like sunny weather all the time. It's off because of the ridiculously looking rain texture which can make you cross eyed when the game decides to make it heavy rain - the screen in front of you becomes so blurred and white that you can hardly see the road.
  14. rado84

    Wrong texture for rain

    I've seen that irritating texture in ATS MP as well. My settings for weather in single player are at the highest and in single player rain doesn't look like this at all. So I'm quite sure it's some sort of a bug in the multiplayer mod.
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