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  1. I have been Using g27 wheel which I re done to fit in my custom KW900 cockpit +mouse+ keyboard + using USB game controller main board to run my taco switches and key ignition switch start truck with a key and 3 screens + real car stereo hooked upto my PC'S power supply and also 2 ipads running on the wifi to show my taco and speeedo's and the other shows my trailer information thanks to the telemetry software
  2. TMP knows about 1.36 just going to take time adding in all the non collision zones etc, far as I know 1-2 trucks will be available soon and 1.36 is the start of the new graphic's and 1.37 going to finnish the graphic's off next year I can not say the trucks will be available before Chrissy but yes 2 are on the way the sounds have been completed and they are in the finishing process but I do know that TEXAS has been confirmed that it be 1 DLC not split in any way so ATS since first release has come a very long way remember just having CALI, NEV to play in now we have Trailers to buy,, Washington,oregan,arizona,mexico now Utah we are growing
  3. actually I know where you are going with that rule it clearly states all road rules must be obeyed @ lights,stop signs, crossing etc which is true but I seen so many people not even stopping at lights or stop signs if there is more then one person at them I got told this ( if your at set of light and only you is there is ok to run the red, BUT if one truck or player is near you or approaching these lights all rules must be obeyed ) but I have seen so many so many admins at phoenix when players run 1-2 stop signs just out side of service centre no action has been taken but if you do you might get banned for ramming or wreckless driving because ( people don't relize every red light or stop sign they run though if they hit any truck or trailer they can be banned for wreckless driving or attempt to ram) why I stop at every red light and record every piece of game play when im on MP I had so many people abuse me while I stopped on red light just waiting for that one day some-one rams me for it because they be on video
  4. I think it stinks I can see now there going to loose a lot of player base I get that stop the reports coming in agreed but bottom line its a game I have noticed since the rules have changed specially at phoenix a lot of people going back to cars and there been ramming, blocking, trolling going on more then I have seen it since ATS started I seen people in singles doing more things now then ever its a simulator not real life should have left the game the way it is I would of been happy if they just banned the triple heavy trailer only left everything else me myself had them and they caused to many issues I seen games crumble because of this eg (a game I played had a gun they brought a rule in saying cant hold it or use it even if it was from the game itself ) the game fell apart because of bad reputation now from I have seen it woulda been easy to make the log road non - collision because people think dam no fun anymore I think its the ADMINS want to be 100% in control again I have also noticed when people get banned or perm banned they have stated ( RESPECT SCS STAFF ) which does state in the rules they not part of SCS in anyway you find this bottom of the rules leave the game along put it back to normal and get rid of the cars
  5. aaron0007

    ATS 1.35 Update

    think you missed the point what I was trying to make buddy I know how to turn down the AI the point I was making is wish they get off there butts and get the game back online I didn't want instructions about G_TRAFFIC geez lol
  6. aaron0007

    ATS 1.35 Update

    I mean I love the 1.35 update and both Washington and forest DLC nearly been a week already I mean oregan drop was on the servers in 30 mins back online I get everything dropped at once but in my experience of playing game the longer its offline (for those who not down grading to 1.34) the more bad reputation it gets because people get sick of waiting I hope they get it online soon need some driving to do. P.S AI car's are worse then players actually when it comes to ramming lol
  7. Hi guys I was wondering if anyone has the same issue as me I updated the game to its vers today there was a patch or update but when I load up game tells me 0 players on all servers I know thisz aint true because I know people on it anyone have a answer
  8. ok mate add me on steam and we go from there mine works both on ets 2 and ats and both on the MP games I see whats going on
  9. ok mate in the menu on fanaleds go to help at the bottom of the list go setup games automatically then follow the prompt's choose where ets 2 or ats or ats mp is installed I just used programs x64 or x86 directly found both ats and ets 2 extra should setup it up by itself should get it working Im in the process of finding the actual RPM'S you need in ATS for the KW let me know if this help's but should get it working ingame but I post the actual RPM'S soon as I can ok get the latest FanaLED'S software here: http://fanaleds.com/ do a fresh install once removed all of the old software from system install the LanaLED's 2.3H once it's installed then open FanaLED'S then go to Help option then go (setup up games automatically) follow the prompt's choose where your ETS 2 and ATS or ETS 2 MP or ATS MP is installed should be in (Programs x64 or x86) select Program's catergory then ok it search the whole catergory once its found ATS or ETS 2 click ok to set it up once both games are done close that now since I only use 1 truck in both games here are the value's I manage to find that works ok but you can suite them for you if you like ETS 2 I only use the Volvo FH so put this exact (only rough might need to change them a little) Car name = FH / RPM first = 500/ RPM second = 1500 / RPM third = 2300 / RPM last 2500 the last 4 boxes should be 0 ATS OR ATS MP I only use the KW T680 so put this exact (only rough might need to change them a little) Car name = T680 / RPM first = 700/ RPM second = 1200 / RPM third = 2000 / RPM last 2500 the last 4 boxes should be 0 I hope this help's Kind Regard's Aaron
  10. lol I not that good in forum design never have been some games I played they like it plain simple not a lot of reading I didn't post this to earn points or anything I did it to just give people some idea's roughly how it works kind regards Aaron
  11. No worries mate mine is basically how you do it in game itself and you did leave out pick a city and explain its a once only option, And two that external contract's don't follow you even if you do a normal run sorry for the miss understanding
  12. Hey Miss Nobody the answer is no you still get fine's etc and some speeding fine in some place's but it wont effect the job. Pretty much it be like your doing a ETS 2 MP Trailer but the difference is you only be able to do 90km hr instead of 110km hr hope this help's Aaron
  13. MrHarv there's a lot of information you didn't even explain and second I feel so sorry you had to try and copy my post and actually put yours in my post basically what I explained there is pretty much it like you didn't even explain a lot of things in ETS 2 MP what I have put I just hope the moderator's see and delete his post because I don't like people trying to steal my idea's and sitting upto 4 am and driving around making sure thing's right Kind Regards Aaron
  14. well done bro good points from me now I know when to change gears again since they improve the sounds on the Volvo
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