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    Languages: I intend to improve my English and in the future I am curious to know some languages such as Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Arabic and Japanese.
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  1. Thanks for the Forum Follow Jean!

    Hope you like the Posts :P

  2. Olá @ACELERA, tudo bem com você? Caso precise de ajuda ou queira retirar dúvidas, o local apropriado para isso é a seção de ajuda na discussão portuguesa, entretanto, enfatizo que o fórum não é o local adequado para discutir a respeito de punições, apelações ou qualquer outro assunto de mesma natureza. Portanto, se em sua concepção a punição aplicada foi injusta, recorra ao sistema de apelações e se esgotado todas as tentativas, e ainda achar injusto, recorra ao sistema de feedbacks do TruckersMP.
  3. @Raymond_ Thanks for approving the topic, even if it's late, I wish you a happy new year. ^^ Thank you and I wish you a happy new year too, if you want you will also be welcome at our event. @Passion. Thank you and I wish you a happy new year too. @007nicodim I didn't understand your question very well, however, if it's about you participating in the event, all you have to do is be in San Diego, California at 3:00 pm in Brasília Time Zone, which will be the concentration period as explained in the topic. Afterwards, the departure will begin at 4
  4. Happy Birthday, @Beau.! o/

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      Thank you! :)

  5. Happy Birthday, Matt! o/

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      Thank you Jean ;)❤️ 

  6. Happy Birthday or Feliz Aniversário, @Goiano BR! o/

  7. Oh, January! Holidays, beach, lots of sun and heat that makes you want to drink coconut water. It's in this summer style in Brazil that ALLIANCE opens its calendar of public events for 2021 and so, we present to you the Summer Convoy that will have a 100% summer feeling and you will be able to enjoy one of the most beautiful beach views in the state of California in American Truck Simulator. Everyone is invited to participate with us and socialize in an event that promises to be sensational, however, we emphasize that our events will always be organized in the Brazilian Portuguese

    I need help I am playing online and after a few minutes I get the word offline on the upper right screen How could I solve that error?


    1. ALLIANCE Rubens

      ALLIANCE Rubens

      Hello, @AXELYVIED.


      So, when the server kick you from the server, it give a reason for you.





      I hope I help you to solve your issue. If this doesn't solve, please, reply this message.



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