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  1. Happy birthday and Merry Christmas?

  2. is it me or is the physics on ets2 at the moment horrible, I'm on version 1.37 and the truck restarting sound keeps happening truck wouldn't move for parts of my drive, truck would tip over so easy. physics are rubbish at the moment

  3. happy birthday

  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy birthday and Merry Christmas. :)


    1. .Andy.


      Happy Birthday Joe. Hope you have an amazing day!

    2. JarFull


      Happy 11th birthday, Joe! 

  7. Hi Devs,


    I was wondering if you could fix the bug when you are typing you press the V key and it pastes what you have copied. I was wondering if you could fix this as you can accidentally paste something you didn’t want to paste.



    1. [MCG] Kien Giang

      [MCG] Kien Giang

      Hey ya,

      If you think this is bug in game, you can post it here:


  8. Its a real shame but if things like that happen then appropriate actions must be taken.
  9. Its good to have that /fix command because when you come across a troll you can fix your truck. But if you want to play realistic you can.
  10. Better safe then sorry i suppose there's always that worry about security.
  11. i dont think people will use alternative routes because most people find it fun to go down C-D road.
  12. it would be nice to have that map back to fully working
  13. there is a issue when you look outside the window you clip inside the model of the car.
  14. great winter mod just is missing physics
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