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    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Ewok_HD


      no, the wheels?




    3. Forerunner


      no, they are truck wheels. they will auto-kick. they are wheels that were originally on player trucks and now are only used for quick drive and ai trucks. but they are still truck parts.

    4. Ewok_HD


      alright, cheers fro the reply. :)




    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. MrJakeeee


      A few people in Atlas got this, they simply uninstalled and reinstalled TruckersMP :)

    3. Ewok_HD


      i got it now thanks for the guys ;)


    4. LazyDev


      I just got the TruckersMP working on Linux. Other than an issue that was fixed yesterday, I've had no permission issues. Linux Mint 18.2.


  1. i think the daf dlc isnt supported yet.. but not sure.

    1. InSaNeNiTe


      it must be supported may be bugged




    2. sgpch1983


      hm yes.. i see.. maybe a bug.. didnt try yet.. servers are a mess.. did want to participate in that.

  2. Can anyone else not put the new interior in the DAF euro6?

    1. Ross.gif


      The UK version of the facelift doesn't work for the moment, It has been identified and is currently being fixed. 

  3. is the DAF tunning pack supported?

  4. Is there a steam virus going around?


    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      There always is. Just never click any suspicious links that are supposedly from Steam and you'll be fine. Steam itself doesn't spread any infections of any sort.

  5. I need help, when i try to quit the game it freezes and i have to turn off my computer and it is getting quite annoying, any help would be much appreciated 

    1. LordBenji


      It also freezes for me too sometimes when I quit the game. But simply pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del, then opening Task Manager, and when I have the list of all the apps running, I press Tab, then Enter so it sorts to the apps in the foreground first, and I use my arrows to navigate to ETS2, and press Alt+N when it's selected. No need to reboot :) 

    2. Ewok_HD


      Thanks for the help


  6. @LordBenji When i try to load my save it doesnt load, any help?
  7. Happy bday bud!

    1. Ewok_HD


      Thanks mate :D

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