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    Bristol South West (UK)
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    Hey you! Kings Global Transport are recruiting for drivers 16+, MIN: 100hrs - https://kingsglobaltransport.uk/ to apply!
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    Nevada: Las Vegas
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    United Kingdom: London
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    Kings Global Transport

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  1. Thanks for the follow mate ;)

  2. Hope everyone has a nice night :)

  3. Kapak Fotonu Alabilirmiyim ? Acaba

    1. KGT I Dr1337 I COO

      KGT I Dr1337 I COO

      English my friend ? :)

    2. uSoCaN


      Can I get a cover photo?


    3. KGT I Dr1337 I COO

      KGT I Dr1337 I COO

      You take your own screenshots in the game man then save to your documents then upload simple :) all mine are with my company which your not a part of i'm sorry 

      best of luck 


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