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  1. truckersmp.com/reports/view/967689

    Привет,вы отклонили мою заявку просто так!

    Посмотри пункт 2 с скриншотом,там виден мой айди и ник,а так же виден ник и айди нарушителя.


    Ну,а чтобы ты все же принял эту заявку я отправляю тебе это видео с доказательствами!)


  2. Hi, you banned me the other day and first of all I wanted to apologize for my mistake. Could you please take my ban? I promise you I won't do it again. Thank you.

    1. Nameless GhouI

      Nameless GhouI

      Hello @tiriongame,


      Unfortunately, the forums are not the place to discuss ban related topics.


      You must appeal the ban if you feel it was incorrect here. If you have appealed please wait for it to be looked at by the Game Moderator. This can take usually up to 3 days. Once your appeal has been completed if it is marked as either Declined or Modified and you disagree with the outcome only then can you create a feedback ticket to Game Management here. However, you must wait for your appeal to be completed before creating a ticket to management.


      Any questions let me know.


      Kind Regards,

      Nameless Ghoul.


      // Locked.

  3. Administrator. 
    Your penalty release time for the players of the 742 TMPID:3253646 game ID:TAlen is wrong. You wrote the release time on March 19, 2009! It's 2020! Please correct it. Thank you very much.

    The following is the feedback of my personal link with the wrong time of the ban you wrote down.


  4. I just wanted to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy 2020! 

    1. Der Joey

      Der Joey

      Thank you too❤🎁🎉🎊

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Thx, wish you the same ^_^🎄🎁🎉

  5. Congratulations, enjoy your new position and have a good time ❤️

  6. Congratulations to the promotion to the Game Moderator

  7. Hello, Can I first ask what trailer it was you was trying to use so that we can work out exactualy what happened to cause you to be kicked? Thanks WelshGaz TruckersMP Report Moderator
  8. Congratulations on the promotion.

  9.  Hey congrats for your promotion WelshGaz!✅

  10. Congrats Mate! 

    1. WelshGaz



      Thank you :)

  11. congrats on welcome back ✅

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