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    Problem was solved /Moved to Turkish Archive
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  5. MP İnternet Hatası

    İnternetiniz D-Smart ise hata normaldir. Eğer değilse ve hala hatayı alıyorsanız destek talebi açmanızı öneririm. https://support.truckersmp.com/
  6. euro truck simulator 2

    You can write your e-mail on notepad and copy it then paste it when you try to login game.
  7. It was really lucky day for me @bluesbass @oolala11:troll:



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      Wow, a clip I can actually drive in

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  12. 40 followers. Thanks everybody :tada:

  13. Abi sen ne yaptın?


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      This is very nice.

    2. [TSRVTC] ismail [TR]

      [TSRVTC] ismail [TR]

      İsmailler çalışıyor! :D 

  14. Login Error

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  15. Is this normal? high level of CPU usage

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