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  1. Isacsb


    Okey! I thought that! Thanks for the info! //Isac Drive safe! Okey! Thanks for the info man //Isac Drive safe Greetings from Sweden
  2. Isacsb

    Black friday!

    Yup .) nice! Thanks for the tip man! //Isac Drive safe! Oki thanks man! //Isac Drive safe!
  3. Isacsb


    Hello! I just have a qustion about lagging! Yesterday I derived behind a laggy person, he did make many crashes and many people didreport him! Is it okey report a person who have lag and had crashed it to people? I saw that he was real laggy!
  4. I don’t really know? It goes so fast! I sit down and start euro truck sim mp, then I watch the clock again and it have been 4 hours. times goes really fast when I play! Really fun game You? //Isac Drive safe!
  5. Isacsb

    Winter Mod

    Both yes and no! You could only use the winter mod under winter in real time! Hoped I helpes! //Isac Drive safe!
  6. No I have never se this before? But it could only be me hehe? Doo I never tried it before? //Isac Drive safe!
  7. Skoda skoda skoda.. what could I say? I personaly think it is really nice to drive doo many skoda drivers are trollers which is very sad to se! //Isac Drive safe!
  8. No you don’t need a steering wheel to play euro truck sim mp! I have been played euro truck simulator with key board for 25 years and it worked really good! But if you want the really feeling i recomend a steering wheel! hoped I helped! //Isac Drive safe!
  9. Yea I see every day that people says ”rec” when something have happend, like a crash! But I think it is a good thing! It makes trollers more scares to make bad things! //Isac Drive safe!
  10. Website-report do I use more! This is because you could use proof and there is more change that the right choice was made by the mod/admins! //Isac Drive safe!
  11. Isacsb

    Truck or car?

    Truck or car hmm really hard qustion! It really depends of what you wanna do in the game! Do you wanna explore the world then car is better because it is ”faster”! Doo car also work for some small jobs but you don’t own so much money! If you want to earn money, or just get the nice feeling behind the steering wheel then a truck is better //Isac Drive safe!
  12. Isacsb

    Black friday!

    Okey thanks for the idé and the info! Nice to se some swedish people here to! //Isac Drive safe!
  13. Hello! Small trailers would have been great in the game! If you are a new driver in the game they could start with it! It would make is more easy and more realistik! that was I think //Isac Drive safe!
  14. I have always be thinking of a new car! Maybe a sport car or a van! Imagen that a sport cars is driving on the roads! It shouls not be able to go faster then 150 but Anyways! It would make the game more realistiskt and maybe more fun! that was I think at least! What do you wanna do? //Isac Drive safe!
  15. Really good mod if you like simulator games! I can speend hours on it! You never get bored in mp I aften drive alone with out people I know but it doesent matter. You often find new ”friends” in the game in only some second! Really good comunity! So you never feel lonly like it does (for me) in normal euro truck simulator 2! really well made! //Isac Drive safe!
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