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  1. Happy birthday mate!

  2. Hello, I do appreciate the diversity of playstyles in the simulation community. Personally, I find satisfaction in the journey of starting from level 0, working hard to earn every penny, and gradually building up my trucking empire. The sense of accomplishment and the learning experiences along the way make it a rewarding process for me. What about yourself?
  3. Hey! How is everyone doing? 

    1. 'MaRtY


      Everything is fine, how are you doing mate?

    2. Samderali


      I am good! Thanks for asking. How are you? ❤️

    3. Isacsb


      Good to hear! I am doing good, thanks for asking! 

  4. How is it going everyone? 


    1. L-DR@GO


      Not bad 👍

      Hope urs too 👍

    2. _Vali_


      Extremely productive 👨‍🎓

    3. Isacsb


      Nice to hear boys, yeah I am doing good!

  5. Hey Isacsb,


    Thanks for liking our post about recruitment it really helps us out.



  6. What recording software do you guys recommend/prefer?

    1. _sneaht_0810


      Hello! I use Medal to record my game, which I personally find the best for creating short clips. 

    2. Isacsb


      Sounds good! Thanks for the tip!

  7. Guest

    Good morning, how are you doing ? 👋🏼

    I wish you a happy birthday ! 🎂


    Have a nice day ! 😃

    See you soon ! 😉
    /:\ Octopi /:\ 🙋🏻‍♂️

  8. Happy Birthday 🎂 

  9. If you like skiing I would recommend Austria!
  10. It is going to be a good day today! 

  11. Happy birthday!?

    1. Isacsb


      A bit late responds, however, thanks! :) 

  12. Happy Birthday ?

    1. Isacsb


      A bit late responds, however, thanks! :) 

  13. Happy Birthday

    1. Isacsb


      A bit late responds, however, thanks! :) 

  14. Hello I have a qustion about /fix which is a very usful command! So if you take damage and don’t wanna do F7 or don’t have each money for F7, /fix is a very good thing. But you need a cargo is it really good? I think it would be easyer if you don’t need a cargo to make /fix work? Only me? So I think we sould make /fix work with out a cargo! It would make it more usful then it already is! Thanks for reading //Isac Drive safe!
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