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  1. Hello I have a qustion about /fix which is a very usful command! So if you take damage and don’t wanna do F7 or don’t have each money for F7, /fix is a very good thing. But you need a cargo is it really good? I think it would be easyer if you don’t need a cargo to make /fix work? Only me? So I think we sould make /fix work with out a cargo! It would make it more usful then it already is! Thanks for reading //Isac Drive safe!
  2. Hey buddy sorry for writing you here but i could not reply to your post about voice chat. When you hold x you can see it on your route advisor if you are speaking or not. Also if you go to your tab menu in tmp. You can find it in the settings and there is a function ,,test microphone” hope this helps :)

    1. Isacsb


      yea thank you :D


      Drive safe :D


    2. TheGoodGuy1515


      Its absolutely alright :) have a good day

    3. Isacsb


      Thank you :D hope you have a great day you too 


      Drive safe!


  3. Isacsb

    Voic chat!

    Hello, for some days ago I wanted to try out voic chat in truckers mp! I looked around in settings but did not find which button it was. (Maybe I was just blind) so I looked it up and foud it on forum that it was X. So I preest X but I did not se that my mic was speeking in game. Maybe you guys could add a think that comes up when you hold X? It would make it easy to understand that your mic work ingame! //Isac Drive safe!
  4. Thank you very much I will try and let you know if it worked
  5. so I just need to wait 1 month before I could apply?
  6. @OBrasileiro half this is my problem I can't apply for staff thank you for asnwere me fast every one
  7. ohh okey sorry I just try to do it but I couldent prees it I will try again!
  8. okey Thank you alot, just a last qustion, do you know how to make a truckers mp forum acc?
  9. yea but I have had a truckers mp acc for 2 years and now I wannted to sing to apply to a staff but it says that I don't have a forum acc? Thanks for aswereing me fast
  10. I have a little problem I need help with. I have been a member for truckersmp for 2 years and I wanted to apply for staff but it says I don't have a frorum acc but this is my forum acc? Thank you if you could help me //Isac
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