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  1. I would rather change the topic to cars being too dangerous. You see, people who drive cars like to drive fast. But sometimes they go a bit too fast, yes. At this point, horrible handling combined with enormous weight and poor brakes, becomes a part of the play. And add a powerful engine to the equasion (okay, the engine has nothing to do with this). The lack of control simply does not allow the player to safely escape the collision, instead the car starts tossing the player around, making it even harder to recover thus creating a collision hazard. The car becomes potentially dangerous after reaching 90+ kmph in straightaways. But in corners the speed has to be even lower, to finish the maneuver safely, due to the weight issues and high gravitational center. I suggest that we should adress this issue at first. About the /fix, it is genuinly a useful command, but lets face it. Someone will always abuse the weak points in the system. By removing the feature, there would be more losses to the players than trolls. From the other hand, by letting the command stay, there will be more advantages to trolls than the players.
  2. Maybe instead of having wiggly cart on the back of the trailer, the devs should try making a bit stronger combination (B-doubles)?
  3. I just stumbled upon double trailer topic on scs forums and i have a question. What happened to those mythical double trailers that everyone was stoked about, near release of zcandinavia dlc?

    1. El1teZombiezHD


      Physics ruined them. Also other users cannot see the double trailer.

  4. I like that you edited the road Esbjerg - Aalborg to medium. I personally have experienced some crashes but mostly that road is calm. There is one place concerning me about this road. This intersection. Some times ppl just dont watch the upcoming traffic and it is the reason of crashes in my experience. If this is happening to somebody else, please mark this intersection as dangerous. Here is map.
  5. Thanks for the tip, but when i tried to upload the pic and error popped up "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community". What does that mean?
  6. https://www.worldoftrucks.com/en/full_image.php?id=0000000000115FC7&cdn=1 Here is a truck i currently use on my SP profile. Scania R (RJL) Normal with 360hp engine. *Edit IDK how to post a pic properly. Aww heeel naw! My truck is so J-spec that your truck is like Volvo FH 2012. Just kidding. Nice truck tho.
  7. What is utf-16 and what does it change?
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