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  1. Change the beta properties to "OPT OUT OF ALL BETA's" in steam and click play ETS2 and then let the update download! Once you've done that update TruckersMP and play! Cracked clients will not work
  2. 15541440_1224226634280787_36243048067181

    So I had a bit of hands on experience doing plant work with my granddad, 1 more year to go until I'm 18 and I can finally do 44 tonne plant work :D

  3. Here's another rammer NAME: Olsen

    1. Nameless Ghoul

      Nameless Ghoul

      Use this amazing feature to report it.




    2. MaxZeAmazing


      Yeah I'm aware, I did it last night :)


  4. c0f09946ba35447e9d7fcafb62ad9ed2.jpg

    One of my pictures taken with the Canon 60D

  5. Watch out for this guy!! Clearly has no consideration to other drivers - NAME: Briganteilu


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. MaxZeAmazing


      Sounds about right

    3. bryangullickson


      yeah just made me laugh when the one guy tries overtaking me on the on ramp only to slam face first into the guardrail and then another guy got all irritated when i slowed and stopped at a red light and seemed like he tried to push me through the light i just kinda went uh nice try but you fail lol

    4. MaxZeAmazing


      Ohh I've had my fair share of funny moments with these people, makes me laugh!!

  6. Does anyone know when SNOW will come back?

  7. Does anyone know if Viva La France will be supported out the box just like the (NEW) rebuild of Paris?

    1. Scar


      This is not known, just assume it will take a week or 2 to avoid being disappointed. The new rebuild of Paris works as that was done in v1.26 that has been supported since yesterday.

  8. I had that my power supply was on its way out, kept doing it on most games
  9. So I just saw a rank and I was wondering how to start obtaining this sort of rank! (Sorry if this is the wrong place admins please tell me if so!)
  10. Missing my Granddads Kenworth W900L, to bad it sold it back to some guy in America :(, but then he's gonna be buying some other old classic haulage truck soon! Maybe a straight pipe ERF or a Foden but something vintage for sure:D


  11. Back home time to start on the Grand Canyon Map again :D

  12. Just got back from a long holiday :D Nice to be on the forums again!

  13. I'm really in the mood for playing ETS2MP but I really cba to get my G27 out of the cabinet :|

  14. Are you using a profile that used to have mods on it? I had to download a new profile for MP only on ETS2 and ATS try that if all else fails.
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