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  1. Happy Birthday  🎂

  2. Happy birthday KaiSa! :HaulieLove: 🎉 🎂

  3. Happy Birthday bigfaan🎉

  4. I did similar thing quite a while ago, also going MS Stein Kirkenes, pulling Locomotive G6 with Scania S 730 + 1+4 Low Bed , I did it uphill after few attempts, but downhill is just impossible. Kind Regards, [MCG] StarGuardian KaiSa ETS2MCG Mod/Kai'Sa Express CEO/TruckersMP Player
  5. I do appreciate adding DAF XD, it's a great move. However, I'd like to see more different vehicles, and I agree to origin about Scania G and Volvo FM. Moreover, I also like to see Scania P series added, and forgive me being a bit off topic, I would like to see Scania T series being added, introducing Ford, and more permissions for AI traffic which is for singleplayer. Kind Regards, [MCG] StarGuardian KaiSa ETS2MCG Mod/Kai'Sa Express CEO/TruckersMP Player
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