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  1. Do you think speeding past all those trucks will get your game ban lifted faster, or would it be quicker to just wait for the traffic to clear?


    It's ur choice 🙂

    1. Guest



      §2.5 - Reckless Driving*

      Driving in a way that is considered unsafe or putting other players in danger. This includes but is not limited to: driving backwards, ignoring traffic lights or road signage, speeding, speeding up to prevent overtakes, racing other users (exception made for in-game racetracks, dragstrips or testing grounds). Driving outside of the map boundaries or in areas that are not covered by the mini map/GPS. Hidden roads which are intentionally part of the map are not included. You can use these roads. In ProMods, you can drive on unlocked roads or paths. Attempting to use desync lag or quick saves in order to cause damage to another user's vehicle. Using the ghost mode feature to go through traffic jams.

      I have included rule 2.5 and as you can see it clearly describes Reckless driving. if you are traveling down the road and you see a large group of people in their trucks and you decide to pass them in a unsafe or Reckless manner which could cause damage to yourself or one of the vehicles at your are passing or maybe to an approaching player then you would receive a punishment according to the moderator that sees the report and takes the action on it. my suggestion to be safer and more adult like would be to reduce your speed and if I'll call sit at your current location and wait for the situation to clear itself before making your next move. it is better to wait and to have something clear out and be accessible rather than take things into your own accord and drive recklessly and then receive a punishment from the moderation team which would then limit your ability to not access the multiplayer version for a temporary time

    2. [MCG] Rio

      [MCG] Rio

      Most drivers who prioritize safety will agree with you, and so do I. But, many people tend to wrong-way drive in busy traffic sections despite the risks, which is truly shame.


      thanks for your comment 🙂

      - Rio

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  5. Happyyy Birthday VTC meen ❤️❤️ All the best for you

    1. [MCG] Rio

      [MCG] Rio

      Thank you matee ❤️

  6. wake up nub it's thursday

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      [MCG] Justin [GER]

      i know, thanks xD


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