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  1. Is it possible to show those official hidden roads on the map?
  2. Then it would be no more Calais-Duisburg Road. People should put "patient", "queue", "safe" back to their dictionary, and learn to read road signages, overtake properly, give way to others when it's safe, instead of taking away distinguishing feature of the roads, we don't need 100% highway in the map.
  3. There are few cargo types are my favorite: -Medical Vaccines (Especially long hauls) - Cars (Including Motorcycles/Scooters/Cars/SUVs/Braco Vans/Scania & Volvo Trucks) - Fruits & Beverages I wish SCS would open up the rest trailer types ownable in the future, and also add back company liveries (e.g. Live stock trailers liveries for certain companies are still missing so far)
  4. The biggest problem is the basic issue, people can't even enter and exit the gas station correctly, what I usually see is traffic enter the gas station from the exit, completely ignoring traffic signs, at the end they become tragic signs.
  5. There are few issues that major in TMP right now. - Traffic Those bad manner drivers literally would spam "rec (ID/Name)", when they're the wrong one which may cause you get banned not them. Some of people don't have "queue", "patient", "sorry", "safe" in their dictionary, also "keep distance", "drive safe" is absent in their minds. -Lane crossing and over speed when turning at bends or junctions People tends to not reducing speed while turning, even if there are opposite direction traffic, forcing them to go dirt or stop in order to let them pass by, especially the junction located in Calais - Duisburg road (between A16/E19 & A73). -Unreasonable speed limits on highway This is unacceptable in my opinion , it's like reducing speed for no reason while you are driving safely on highway. What we talking about here, is those speed limits 90/80/70/60 km/h when the highway passing through cities, such as A6 Lyon, A3 Paris, E20 Malmö, Porto etc., and seriously they should be revised. - Trolls and clown fiesta Just like the other replies said some of them tends to make chaos and havoc in order to build their happiness on others' pain. But on the other hand, there are still some who just don't know what to do, which doesn't meant to be a troll. - Too deserted in most areas, especially those DLC areas Hard to see others trucks outside popular areas, and almost 50% you met won't respond to your light flash/horns/hi. - Rains too often "Can't see shit captain.jpg" - Mic spammers that keep making loud noises constantly, already not ear test but deaf for everybody in the area Just dealed with one earlier, and he is just banned because he spam the mic with extremely loud noises in Calais and Duisburg, that's a pain when I muted him, he goes away and comes back, so that I get jump scared, because you have to manually mute him again once he disappears and shows up again. Best thing about TMP Must be trolling & get banned making new friends that deliver cargo in convoys, or exploring and travelling all over the map. Looking forward to your video, hope this reply won't be too late for it. P.S. This is SCS part, please put those "x" back if those roads aren't hidden roads instead of just placing transparent walls, also update those hidden roads that still don't have dotted line markings.
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