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  1. Hello, can you take a look at my ban appeal? Thanks

    1. KhaosHammer



      The forum is not the proper place to be discussing ban/appeals or to send reports. It won't help you at all.
      Please use the ban appeal system and follow the appropriate ways rather than posting status on Staff profiles or topics in the forums.

      Also, note that it can take some time until an admin reviews your appeal as they are very busy.

      If you need more information, please read to the following topics :


      Finally, you can complain about your ban by contacting the TruckersMP upper staff if you feel that the Admin did not issue it properly. If this is your case, use the Feedback Email System, you can find it in the following topic :

      Thank you for your understanding.


  2. I said: Don't visit!! 



    1. Aestrial


      Stop spamming status-updates.

  3. Don't visit my profile!!!! It's private! Knock on the door and I will say: ''open''!!!!

  4. Hi,


    Just sad. I thought it was only a few weird admins doing those weird things, but :)

    Feed those people more please. Just ban people out of nowhere.

    I expected more out of a Polish admin, because of their general nice behaviour.

    Well, you let me see there is another side of the people :D I don't think you really realize what you are doing...


    Well, all sadness on a stick, have a wonderful life :)


    1. CaptainKostaZ


      If you have been banned and you believe your ban was not fair,you can appeal it on https://truckersmp.com/appeals .
      This is a guide explaining "How to use our ban appeal system":
      If you consider that your ban appeal was not handled correctly,you can email [email protected] .
      Please read the following thread first.
      We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

    2. Anriandor


      Everything said by @CaptainKostaZ



  5. Hello, I bought ETS2 in de sale this week! I like to play the SP but i wanted to try MP. When i installed MP on Truckersmp there was nothing wrong, i could find anything on the internet for the installation. But when i started up the MP there was the message that says: Could not inject dll into the game process. Please try launching the game again. If this problem still occurs, please try reinstalling the mod. This message is for an friend of mine ^, because her English isn't that good and i want to help her out. Greetings, Me
  6. Ziet er goed uit! Veel plezier en succes met je VTC!
  7. Listen m9, your best bet is to stop A: Telling the mods / staff what to do and B: To stop spamming people's feeds... You did wrong you could come back from that but if you keep going the way you're going the outcome will be much worse than what it could've been... Now. You can tell me where to go if you don't think I'm saying anything useful, I'm not staff but I'm telling you your best bet, I'm saying you could overcome this but stop with the argumentative attitude like a hungover teenager and take it like a normal person and appeal then await a response then forget this ever happened, it just won't help if you keep spamming.



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    2. The Imaginative Lad

      The Imaginative Lad

      I keep getting notifications for Kattenblik replying, but I can't see them. The forums tripping out.

    3. Jobawick


      Most likely. I'll stop now too. :P


    4. Kibatsume


      Lock on op's demand.

  8. No i do NOT want an ban appeal. 

    I do NOT need an unbann

    All i want is a REASON why


    1. Nameless GhouI

      Nameless GhouI

      M8, the thing is Admins ban because you were doing wrong, if you do wrong they shouldn't need to explain themselves to you. Mariio being the friendly Admin that she is may explain or may not, if an Admin thinks you did bad.. you did bad...

    2. Kibatsume


      Lock, send a PM to Project managers or Community Managers please.


      Read the rules And read this. 



      Next time will warn.


  9. Hello,


    You banned me permanently.

    Can you come on TS3 to explain why?

    Ty. If not, i will contact another admin.




    1. VolvoFHFreak


      what did u say to the admin?

    2. Kibatsume


      Lock, Mariio or staff can reply @Kattenblik

    3. Kibatsume


      But stills you'll better do a ban appeal.

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