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  1. as i got a warning for typing in a short space of time i think there should be a 60 second time out before you can type again
  2. Thanks for the follow!

  3. thank you for the follow

  4. thank you for the follow buddy 

  5. thank you for the follow 

  6. thank you for the folow buddy 😍

    1. 'HakanBey


      You're welcome ❤️

  7. agreed i also put that in a vtc if you have achievements in a vtc they could be added to trukersmp profile i believe the staff members was gonna put that across
  8. i swap my trucks every friday so i can keep the mileage equal so if i use scania on friday i will change to my MAN and so on
  9. well they mentioned the new MAN in the middle of last year and haven't heard anything about it since also the new hybrid scania would be awesome too
  10. i would love to see wind dynamics like in real life if its windy then your truck will blown also real life weather would be awesome
  11. omg yes agreed i use that truck in amerian truck simulator i would like scs to bring out the new scania hybrid that would be awesome
  12. agreed it feels like they are acting like trukersmp staff but you would need solid evidence for that
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