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    rabbits, Victoria justice 110%, trucks (with mirrrors only), argument and discuss, expose doublemoral, eat non vegan things...
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  1. i appreciate the effort there but the dc road was as good as it was. sure the train and gasstations sucked and needed a rework but the old road was legendary
  2. im sure wired ones are better but i have too many cables laying around
  3. this road is a legend and should stay
  4. true- i like grilled octopus next person dosnt know what jetciler means
  5. Happy Birthday 🥳

  6. im workless too also because of medical cnditions my goal is to go on a truck meet again... the last time i was 10-11 years ago
  7. so i joined truckersmp today and the chat told me this... anyone has the same problem or waht does it mean? do i have to use the new launcher?
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