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  1. @Yu Jian TMPI know this, but you can see him hitting you or hitting other players with third-party software, and you can report it. I believe the TMP staff will give him a permanent ban in time. Because the rules clearly stipulate that the use of third-party software will be punished with a permanent ban.
  2. @SxDarknessHello, if you have different opinions on the handling of your report by an administrator, you can ask questions to the game review management team, and the game review management team will give the final opinion after review. Please go to the link below to object to your report, etc.: https://truckersmp.com/feedback
  3. @KuklV-[L C]Hello, I think you can record the video when you are playing the game, and after collecting evidence from the player who violated the rules, you can make a video report. I believe the administrator will deal with the violation from a fair perspective. In addition, the cheating player you mentioned, the answer I gave is, go to the game to record, if you find that the player is indeed cheating, you can report the video, and the administrator will give him a permanent ban. No matter how many accounts he has (even if there are thousands of accounts, as long as he dares to log in, he will be punished by the administrator), as many TMP staff as there are will be blocked, and the rules also clearly state that using auxiliary Waiting for third-party software will be severely punished, that is, permanently banned.
  4. Then if I download the latest plug-in launcher, can I log in with the new launcher instead of the old one?
  5. Wow, looks great, but I have a question, will the old launcher work in the future? Or, after the latest version is released, the old launcher can no longer be used, and only the latest launcher can be downloaded and used?
  6. Happy Birthday To You

  7. @User_143701Hello, because you are re-downloading the TMP plug-in, you need to click update, you can click install available updates, wait for the update to complete, click the truck in the lower right corner, and you can log in online 您好,因为你是重新下载的TMP插件,所以需要点更新,你可以点安装可用更新, 等待更新完成后,在点右下角卡车,就可以登录线上了
  8. @ShawnCZekDear developers, hello. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to update the plugins. I would love to play the game under 1.46 and see what has been changed or added! Thank you, and thank the other staff, I wish you a happy life!
  9. @Amazon4ukHello, TMP just updated the plugin, which means you can log in to version 1.46. If you are still in version 1.45, please find the Oka property from steam, change it to none in the test, and wait for the update. After the update, you can log in after opening the plugin. Hope to help you!
  10. Happy Birthday To You ! boy😆

  11. @Amazon4ukIn response to your question, I would like to tell you as much as possible that the developers of TMP are working hard to compile the required program. In addition, the developers also have their own things, so will they be able to release the latest version online soon? You can wait patiently. In addition, if you want to play online, you can continue to participate online after demoting from Steam.
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