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  1. @Geology RocksHappy birthday and have a great weekend!😍

  2. Ciprian-ionut ~ Well, happy birthday and have a great weekend!😍

  3. Dear AEK177 Game manager, have a nice weekend!😍

    1. Aek177


      Thank you. Hope you have a good weekend too!

  4. Happy birthday, My friend! Have a nice weekend!😍

  5. happy birthday, miss😘

  6. This is a very good news, after all the efforts and efforts of the staff, I really want to experience it!
  7. The red names and police accessories really look very cool, but there will also be a big responsibility to better serve the Truckersmp.It also takes extra time processing online unruly players and in-game reports, and strengthens the language learning of English to help players as much as possible.
  8. As these two friends said, I have not taken the exam, but I can roughly know what the situation is in reality. It's true that in case of a car accident or other things in the game, you can use F7 or file reading to solve the problem, but the reality is completely different!
  9. It must be Scania, because Scania is very stable and comfortable for me to drive!
  10. I started playing the game Euro Truck Simulator 2 very early, and then I saw other people live broadcast, there are many real people, after asking, it is online, so I joined the online in 2015, and I have been playing with my friends, and also joined VTC and friends all over the world play together, enjoy the game, and experience the joy brought by the game!
  11. happy birthday To You! my friend!

  12. happy birthday To You! my friend!

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