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  1. No use people, we have patience that at the right time will be updated.
  2. Something strange is happening, I think I know what it is. My mobile browser automatically translates the pages into Portuguese. To avoid problems I will use the browser on my computer. I apologize once again for any inconvenience.
  3. He bracketed it must be English. It is correct to quote in the language in which the quoted text is written, that is what he said, wasn't it?
  4. Sorry, this failure will not be repeated. Thanks for the correction!
  5. Eu acho que sou eu por enquanto I think it's me for now
  6. Yes, Do you take simulation seriously?
  7. De repente o brasileiro vai tentar cumprimentar um russo em inglês porém dá um branco...


  8. Olá nobre caminhoneiro :)

    Te desejo uma excelente jogabilidade!

    1. TugastS.


      Boas Mago, Muito Obrigado :) 

  9. A beautiful job, no doubt. A beautiful job, no doubt.
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