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  1. Witaj @Janusz_Kierowca, Miło, że otworzyłeś nową dyskusję. Zazwyczaj w moich skodach używam silniki naprzemiennie, aczkolwiek zauważyłem, że 2.0TDI ma lepszy "zryw" przy starcie. Więc gdybym miał wybierać między 2.0TDI a 1.8 TSI, to moja odpowiedź to 2.0TDI
  2. I like driving in Calais, but many trolls....
  3. My favourite is Freightliner. It have good interior and best design in my opinion
  4. Happy birthday!! :love: 841033844831944714.png?size=40

  5. Happy Birthday bro! :love: 841033844831944714.png?size=40

  6. I bought this DLC and I am very pleased. New machines
  7. Its a very helpful and good feature. You can share jobs for friends, and this is amazing!
  8. I drive at different speeds, depending on the situation, eg. many people, cities or road situations
  9. TruckersMP only. A lot of people, many updates and rules that still apply
  10. My is Coffee-Spedition and i love to be in this VTC Very helpful, and nice people.
  11. The event team is a responsible job. I never wanted to be because I don't like being in convoys that much. I want to be a Support Team in TruckersMP
  12. I don't like traveling with WOT. Idk why. This is my distance, mass, and jobs in World Of Trucks https://imgur.com/a/MbYnFBF
  13. I love Volvo fh16 (new) and Daf2021. This is my favourite trucks
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