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I would say my name but I prefer people to call me Cookie haha!
I am 22 years old and I come from Norway.
For years and years, trucking has always been a interest of mine. I started as a little kid driving around on 18 wheels of steel and would sit with the game for hours and hours, just like I do now with ETS2 :) 
I am a longhaul type of player, and will gladly take 3000km+ longhauls anyday!

Outside of ETS, I love playing different types of games.
For example shooter games such as CSGO and Apex Legends, or something simple such as AmongUs, Minecraft or Runescape.

I am a friendly person who likes to talk to people, I like being a person people can come to if they need someone to listen, get advice or simply just want to have a chat. :)
Oh, and I love animals, reading and music.

Other than that, I am a streamer, and you can find me live on my twitch channel almost every day!

See ya on the roads! ❤️

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